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How Advorto helped the organisers of the UK legs of the 2014 Tour de France recruit a team of thousands

Work Group
“We couldn’t have achieved this successful outcome with any other technology provider” Ian Dyer, Work Group Work Group

The challenge

Work Group won the contract to recruit the Tour Makers and approached long-term preferred technology partners Advorto in January 2014 with the requirement to get a Recruitment Management System (RMS) ready to accept applications later the same month.

Asda Tour Makers - The solution

Advorto worked with Work and Asda Tour makers to make the Tour de France volunteer application process smooth and seamless. Specific features included:

Agile technology, experienced team

Advorto technology is flexible, robust and feature-rich. The short timescales involved and the unpredictable nature of the level of interest in volunteering meant the technology had to be adaptable at very short notice. 

Great prospective Tour Maker experience

Prospective Tour Makers had registered their interest via a non-Advorto system over the preceding weeks. Work Resourcing were able to import thousands of registrants within a few clicks. Then recruiters simply invited everyone to log in and complete the full application form. Over the five months of the campaign, over 12,000 SMS messages and 140,000 emails were sent from the system without a hitch!

Efficient screening tools

From automated rejection of applicants unable to meet basic requirements, candidates underwent video interviewing using integrated third-party technology. After successful background security checks, candidates were offered the chance to Volunteer – over 7,000 Tour Makers were successfully appointed. 

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