How Advorto created an international recruitment hub for a multinational company in the oil industry

“Advorto created a solution flexible enough to cope with the demands of recruiting in 30 countries” Head of Recruitment

The Challenge

A global business employing over 10,000 people, and recruiting on every continent requires a system which can adapt to a variety of challenges.

Different countries have different cultural and legal requirements in the recruitment process, so a flexible solution to meet the requirements of every country is necessary.

Candidates need to be able to apply in their native language where the recruitment team allows.


Advorto worked with the client to create a single international recruitment hub where roles can be created quickly and easily, meeting the requirements of recruitment teams across the world.

Features of the solution

Advorto's standard features were implemented along with a number of specific customisations including:

Full translation
of the candidate portal into French and Portuguese
Separate lists of media sources
for each country’s roles
Roles in France customised
not to request Equal Opportunities data in accordance with French legal requirements
Multiple application forms 
customisations depending on where the role is based

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