Integrated Groupwide Recruitment

How Advorto and Work Group helped Morgan Sindall Group perfect their recruiting processes

Morgan Sindall Group
“With the Advorto system we are consolidating our policy of applying best practice in all areas of HR and recruitment. We now have the ideal recruitment system to meet our groupwide requirements” Camilla Aitchison Morgan Sindall Group

The Challenge

Morgan Sindall Group is a leading UK construction and regeneration group operating through nine divisions, employing around 5,700 people.

They needed an enterprise-level Recruitment Management System to reduce agency costs, increase communication with applicants, and increase reporting capacity and consistency

Advorto was tasked with providing a consistent, high-quality careers areas for each of the brands in the company, to attract the best talent while communicating the Group’s collective employer brand
The Group’s requirement was for a system to go live within 2 months

Additional Goals

Put the vacancy authorisation process online to improve efficiency

Reduce dependency on recruitment agents (and reduce associated costs)

Build a searchable talent pool

Facilitate job posting to social media to capitalise on employee social networks

Implement rules on internal applications (eg confirm line manager authorisation)

Reduce manual admin tasks around eg sifting applications

Improve the candidate experience especially around communications

Make it easy to get new hires into the HR system

Great Management Information available at the click of a button

The solution

Work Group were appointed by Morgan Sindall to design an internal and an external website for each of the nine divisions, with a single Advorto Recruitment Management System as the hub.

Advorto and Work Group conducted full requirements gathering and created a system featuring:

Morgan -sindall -recruitment -software

Flexible tiers of vacancy approval
Depending on the role
Separate candidate portals
For each division within the Group with dynamic vacancy lists 
Email templates
Branded for each division
Flexible candidate application
From templates defined by Recruiters
Hiring Managers can screen candidates
 Then schedule candidate interviews
Onboarding info
Gathered after Offer stage via ‘top-up forms’
Advorto Analytics 
Provides comprehensive Management Information on every aspect of the recruitment process

The Outcome

The project was delivered on time and on budget.

Morgan Sindall Group can now look forward to a significant reduction in cost-per-hire and consistent recruitment processes across the Group, which can be monitored and constantly improved, as well as a greatly-improved candidate experience.

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