High Volume Applications

How Advorto helped Virgin Trains deal with large numbers of applicants

Virgin Trains
“Advorto provided us with the ideal technical solution to the challenge of hiring great people from thousands of applications to our Roadshow events, without having to expand the recruitment team.” Kathryn Wildman, Lead Recruitment Consultant Virgin Trains

The challenge

Well-known companies with popular brands such as Virgin Trains have no problem attracting large volumes of applicants for customer-facing roles.

But dealing with large numbers of applicants inevitably  presents challenges for the Virgin Trains recruitment team:

Speed of process

Filling the roles quickly with the right people when opportunities arise

Fair selection

Sifting a high volume of applicants with a demonstrably fair selection process

Admin Problems

Organising attendance for hundreds of candidates at Roadshow events

Candidate Experience 

Ensuring that Virgin’s company ethos is carried over into their recruitment process, with professional and regular communications to all applicants

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Virgin Trains - The solution

Advorto worked with Virgin Trains to create an alternative workflow for applications to volume roles, taking advantage of some key Advorto features:

Vacancy-selectable short application form – ‘killer questions’

Candidates visiting the Advorto-hosted Virgin Trains careers website initially complete a simple form to register their interest in attending a Roadshow event. Having supplied names and email addresses, candidates are then asked some ‘killer questions’ filter out those who don’t meet the basic requirements of the role.Fully branded acknowledgement emails automatically go to candidates when they submit their applications.

Pipeline vacancies

On submission, applicants are automatically moved to a ‘Pipelined’ status, ensuring that Roadshow applications are kept separate from other applications in the system.

Roadshow event self-scheduling

After submitting their application, suitable candidates are invited to confirm their attendance at the Roadshow. Recruiters can quickly create multiple slots in the Advorto back office,then bulk invite candidates to log in and pick a slot. In the, candidates automatically move to the ‘Scheduled’ folder when they’ve picked their slot, and an automatic confirmation email is sent out.

Searching the Talent Pool

Successful candidates remain in the pipeline ready to be contacted as soon as relevant roles become available. Recruiters can locate and contact suitable screened candidates in no time with a quick search across the Talent Pool.

Top-up form

Any additional information required from the candidate to augment the limited information requested at the start of the process can now be requested, along with a Conditional Offer of employment.

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