Why You're Failing At Recruitment Software

Cloud based HR software offers an effective way of enhancing your hiring process and reducing the potential for a bad hire but it’s not HR’s magic wand. If you’re still failing to see improvements in your talent acquisition strategy, it’s possible that you're failing to get the most out of your recruitment software.

Here are seven of the most common mistakes made by employers new to HR technology:-

Your job posts are badly worded : Without an effective job advert you won’t attract the most qualified candidates to your company. Job posts must contain appropriate keywords and be well written and engaging to attract quality applicants to your careers website. Choose your keywords carefully as these will determine the ranking of your vacancy when job seekers search for specific vacancies. Experiment with different styles of posts to identify the most effective. Your recruitment analytics will provide you with a breakdown of the most successful.

You don’t personalise your messages : Today’s job seekers are fully aware they can’t avoid applicant tracking systems and understand that the responses they receive in the early stages of the hiring process are likely to be automated, although they would prefer it not be obvious. Every candidate prefers human interaction over impersonal updates but with high volumes of applicants it’s not always possible. Avoid negative reviews of your candidate experience by personalising automated responses with modern recruitment software to give a human touch to every branded message you send out.

You ignore social media integration tools : In today’s candidate driven market passive talent isn’t responding to job postings, forcing HR to rely on alternative methods of talent acquisition to engage qualified candidates. Sophisticated recruitment software makes it easy not only to post to your own social recruiting feeds but for your candidates and employees to share to their networks too. Encourage retweets, likes and sharing of your company job postings with an incentivised employee referral programme.

You lose your candidate referrals : Once referred candidates are approved, it’s vital to fast-track them through the hiring process. Tag them in your applicant tracking software so they are clearly visible at all times and prioritise their progress above candidates entering your recruitment funnel from other sources. Referred candidates should ultimately be your primary source of hire.

Your application process is still too long : 90% of job seekers search by mobile and will abandon an application process that requires lengthy form filling. A simple registration of interest which allows talent on the move to do just that will increase levels of passive candidates in your talent pool.

You ignore recruitment analytics : Your recruitment software will store data on essential hiring metrics, such as time to hire, cost of hire, the volume and quality of candidates, your most successful hiring source and the number of interviews. What you do with that information will determine the success of your overall talent acquisition strategy. Build your own reports directly from the data provided to identify which areas are working, which aren’t and what you can do about it.

You didn’t evaluate your hiring process : Recruitment software isn’t an instant fix for your hiring woes. Automating outdated processes will mean inefficiencies still lurk within your business, preventing you from realising the full potential of your recruitment software. Identify the weak spots, streamline your hiring efforts and take advantage of what today’s sophisticated HR technology has to offer.  

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