Why Your Talent Acquisition Isn't Working

The Real Reasons Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Is Failing

Businesses offer a number of different reasons for their failure to attract quality candidates. Maybe it’s a badly placed job advert. Perhaps HR didn’t understand exactly what your company needed. Maybe it’s the simple fact that there’s a shortage of skills in the areas you need them most. Or perhaps your inability to attract quality candidates is an indication that your talent acquisition strategy is stagnating or failing.

Here’s why.   

Your brand message is inconsistent or non-existent

A positive corporate brand message is essential to engage with candidates at all stages of the recruitment process. Too many talent acquisition strategies force candidates to jump through countless hoops until the whole process becomes tedious. An overcomplicated recruitment process leads to unhappy candidates and gives the impression that your company isn’t interested in attracting genuine talent. Your brand message begins with your recruitment process. What does yours reveal about your organisation?

You don’t speak to your candidates

If your company is still relying on basic spreadsheets in its recruitment processes, your HR teams could be drowning in paperwork. Without up-to-date applicant tracking systems it’s impossible to understand exactly where your candidates are in the hiring process.  Ignore candidates queueing up in your pipeline at your peril. Candidates who have a poor experience at the hands of your online recruitment processes will share that experience on social media.  If you don’t talk to your candidates, they will talk to anyone who will listen about your brand. The problem is, if you don’t know where your candidates are in the process, how can you communicate with them? Effective recruiting software will enable you to overcome that problem.

Recruitment activity? What recruitment activity?

Without an applicant tracking system, it’s impossible to provide accurate reporting on your hiring processes. If your talent pool comprises of a list of potential candidate names on a spreadsheet, your talent acquisition strategy is doomed to failure. Successful recruitment requires a thorough understanding of your recruitment metrics.

You don’t have applicant tracking software

You need more talent, more qualified candidates, higher levels of employee retention and a more positive candidate experience.  Without the right applicant tracking software your resources are stretched to a paper thin limit. In the meantime, the pile of CVs on your desk is getting higher and you’re not even sure which position they are applying for.

An applicant tracking system automates whichever aspect of the process you need it to, from posting to your job boards through to candidate notifications, allowing you to:-

  • Manage CVs in any format and upload them to your recruitment software.
  • Track progress of your candidates so you can identify their position in your talent pipeline and communicate with them as required. Applicant tracking systems will also automatically archive unsuitable candidates if they lacked the skillsets you need.
  • Publish vacancies to your career site, your social media, search engines and across all of your online recruitment platforms to maximise your brand visibility.
  • Improve internal collaboration by sharing the CVs of potential talent with your team to enhance your talent acquisition processes.

Without a positive candidate experience, the talent your organisation seeks will desert your brand in droves. The resulting lack of quality candidates leads to pressured employees, lower morale, higher turnover rates and a bigger headache for an already overwhelmed HR department. Engaging with the candidates in your pipeline is vital to your long-term hiring success. 

Don’t know where to begin? Advorto’s professional applicant tracking software works on all levels. Our advanced recruitment software also offers a hiring manager portal, allowing your hiring managers to create and approve job vacancies, screen candidates and arrange interviews through one single access point.

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