Why We Love Recruitment Software (And You Should Too)

You’ve got to love recruitment software. It eliminates HR’s reliance on manual reporting systems and transforms the hiring process. Here’s how:-

Allows HR to focus resources : The UK is facing an unprecedented shortage of job seekers. 41 out of 56 cities have more vacancies available than applicants with companies across the UK struggling to fill jobs. Recruitment software enables HR to focus its resources on attracting talent and accessing qualified candidates rather than trawling through countless e-mails and spreadsheets hoping to find a CV that matches its criteria.

Identifies your most successful recruitment methods : Companies are being forced to consider more innovative ways to find applicants with the skills they need. A ‘spray and pray’ approach to your job posts won't work.  It may expand your reach and increase the quantity of your applicants but it won’t improve the quality. Recruitment software provides you with vital information on the online recruitment sources which attract most qualified candidates to your talent pool.


It nurtures your talent pool : Creating and nurturing a talent community is critical to your success in talent acquisition. Recruiting software enables you to engage consistently with prospective employees by issuing automated company updates, job alerts and information on your employer brand. 

Reduces your time to hire : In the time it takes you to work through your spreadsheets and e-mails, your competitors have snapped up the talent your business needs. A sophisticated applicant tracking system streamlines the whole recruitment process, screening and ranking candidates against your specific criteria, saving HR time and resources.

Creates a positive candidate experience : Almost a third of applicants never hear back after applying for a job. With modern recruitment software there’s no excuse for failing to acknowledge every job application. Set up your applicant tracking software to send personalised automated acknowledgements. A poor candidate experience damages your employer brand.

Makes it easy for candidates to apply : A long winded application form turns off talent. Recruitment software makes it easy for candidates via their LinkedIn profile, submit a CV or register their interest. It also takes care of your mobile responsive careers site. With one in three of us checking smartphones every ten minutes, your hiring process must be mobile friendly.

Helps you to be more like Google : Google has revealed it secrets to success in the workplace with the launch of re:Work, a site that shares best practices in its hiring process and workforce management. Google believes that the working environment can be designed to make people ‘happier, healthier and more productive’. Improving wellbeing in the workplace by putting your people first is a significant step to transforming your hiring process.

Enables data driven decisions : Don’t fall in love with the candidate. Recruitment software helps HR to make objective hiring decisions. At the same time it reduces the risk and negative impact in your workplace of an expensive bad hire.

Improves your employer brand : Businesses with capability in HR analytics are generally ‘higher ranked in their employer brand’ according to Deloitte. The higher the quality of your employer brand, the easier it will be to attract qualified candidates, even in a market experiencing a shortage of job applicants.

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