Why It's Easier To Succeed With HR Software Than You Might Think

Employment levels in the UK are rising according to the latest figures released from the Office of National Statistics. 361,000 more people are in work than this time last year, prompting suggestions that the ‘pendulum’ is swinging away from employers.

CIPD Chief Economist Mark Beatson recommends that UK businesses should ‘invest in technology, systems and workforce skills’ in order to attract talent. We know from previous research that encouraging HR professionals to make the transition from manual systems to HR technology is an uphill climb but once implemented it’s easier to succeed with HR software than you might think.

Here are six ways that technology brings about early improvements to your recruitment process:-

Improves the quality of job applicants

If each of your job posts brings in hundreds of applicants it’s likely that the majority aren’t suitable. HR software will help you to quickly assess whether you are attracting the candidates your business needs. Adjust your job description or your online recruitment strategy to ensure you target the right people.

Incorporates the human element

Sophisticated applicant tracking software streamlines recruitment processes but often frustrates candidates in the pipeline who feel that HR has lost its personal touch. HR software enables you to personalise your automated e-mail and text messages. Set up your recruitment management system to thank candidates for their applications, inform them when a position has been filled and encourage them to stay up-to-date with future vacancies by subscribing to job alerts.

Hands power back to the candidate

Candidates submitting their CVs into what they may see as the ‘black hole’ of an applicant tracking system often believe it's a waste of their time - and in many cases they're probably right! Take advantage of your HR software to implement pre-employment questionnaires that allow job seekers to assess their suitability for a position before applying. It shows your business is serious about attracting talent without wasting candidates’ time or increasing their frustration. Questions can range from basic to more objective online recruitment tests which assess an individual's suitability for a job.

Encourages more qualified applications

Encourage talent to submit contact details to your company by removing the requirement to fill out time consuming application forms. Allow them to apply for jobs using their CV or LinkedIn profile or simply register their interest in finding out more about your company. The most successful companies are always open to applications from qualified candidates who possess the skills their organisation needs. Use your HR software to send regular company updates and engage with prospective employees.

Better communication

Candidates loathe being left in the dark after submitting their CV. Keep the lines of communication open with automated updates on the status of job applications. Ongoing engagement with the talent in your pipeline is vital while HR completes its screening process. Your HR software will quickly reveal whether your hiring demonstrates a trail of consistent candidate engagement. A single automated e-mail isn’t enough. Automate updates of vacancy progress via SMS or e-mail and enable your candidates to self-schedule interviews.

Improves onboarding

All businesses understand that a positive candidate experience will boost their ability to hire the best talent but not all include onboarding within its scope. With one in three new hires leaving their jobs within the first year (and 22% of those quitting within the first six weeks) onboarding is often the most underestimated part of the candidate experience.  Recruitment software enables you to automate key background checks and administrative duties leaving HR to focus on ensuring their new hire is quickly integrated and welcomed into their new environment.

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