What's Holding Back The Talent Acquisition Industry?

The talent acquisition industry is struggling. Too many UK businesses still can’t attract, or more importantly retain, qualified candidates, In this article we examine five key issues that are holding employers back from implementing an effective hiring process and achieving their business goals.  

Reluctance to use HR software : Compared to other business functions, HR is lagging behind in the race to keep up with technology. Nearly three quarters of HR professionals believe that analytics will improve their ability to make strategic decisions but only 17% use analytics software. Already under fire for its perceived lack of creativity and leadership, HR risks a greater credibility gap if it continues to rely on spreadsheets in talent acquisition. 

Poor people management : Research carried out by Investors In People found that poor quality people management is costing UK businesses £84 billion every year. Of the six key factors considered instrumental to boost efficiency in the workplace, ‘adopting sustainable good quality practices’ came out top. Inspirational leadership, strong cultural values, rewarding and recognising performance, structuring work and delivering ongoing improvement were also regarded as essential. With productivity levels stagnant, HR must address this issue as a matter of urgency to move forward in talent acquisition.

Confusion over talent needs : HR’s apparent rush to recruit millennials at all costs risks ‘unchallenged stereotypes’ dominating talent acquisition strategies rather than taking into account the needs of the business as a whole. Hiring managers must take a deep breath and ensure all decisions are made with company goals in mind, rather than adopting a reactive position. ‘Millennials’ are becoming a dominant force in recruitment but the multi-generational workforce is here to stay. HR software will provide insights into where your best candidates come from regardless of age. Create your talent acquisition strategy from that data, paying close attention to your employer brand at the same time.

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Mixed messages for HR : HR has been under pressure but perhaps CEOs should accept a share of responsibility for its weaknesses. HR Director Piers Robinson suggests that while some CEOs claim they want a business partner to ‘challenge board decisions’, the majority still opt for a ‘reactive function’. Maintaining the delicate boundaries between individual departments is seen as a potential complication, coupled with HR’s inability to display sensitivity in difficult situations. The primary role of HR leaders, he believes, is as ‘enablers of change’ who are open about the challenges facing the business.

No clear talent strategy : Writing in his latest research paper The Daunting Challenges Facing HR Today Josh Bersin notes that only 12% of companies have a ‘true talent strategy’. Furthermore, the majority of HR professionals rate themselves only as a ‘C’ for their ability to impact the talent demands of their company. This echoes recent research which suggests that only 4% of companies can predict and model their workforce. To be truly effective, HR’s decisions must be data driven but the transition away from traditional methods of recruitment towards the ‘Datafication of HR’ isn’t an easy one. It brings us back to our first point above. Employers who fail to integrate HR software, recruitment analytics and big data into their talent acquisition strategy will also fail to attract the skills their business needs.

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