Top HR and Recruitment Blogs 2015

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter (1)

As they say on their website - Undercover Recruiter is “probably” the #1 recruitment and career blog in the world! They provide information on both sides of the interview desk – advice for employers and employees, plus those seeking new opportunities.

Their articles cover a wealth of topics from serious career advice, for example how to negotiate a salary increase, to lighter posts including a rundown of which snacks are best to boost your motivation as part of one of their #MondayMotivation series.

Articles are well written from a wealth of different contributors who produce regular articles and infographics.

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HR Bartender

 HR Bartender

In writer Sharlyn Lauby’s own words “HR Bartender focuses on topics that relate to the workplace, not just human resources. Some of our most popular subjects deal with career advice, leadership, management, and office politics.”

Her most popular post, The Difference Between Knowledge, Skills and Abilities has been shared on social media over a thousand times and received numerous positive comments.

Regularly updated with informative and interesting articles, this blog is excellent for employees and employers at all stages in their careers.

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Recruiting Daily

 Recruiting Daily

Recruiting Daily unsurprisingly focusses on writing articles for people who work in the recruitment side of HR.

With dedicated categories for technology, candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing, plus a rundown of all the latest trends, it is easy to navigate to the information you want. Whether you are looking for specific information on a particular topic such as the effects of bad hires, or more general advice about careers in recruiting, there is always something worthwhile to read.

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UK Recruiter

Uk Recruiter

The UK recruiter network’s strapline is “the recruitment knowledge network” and this follows though into Louise Triance’s blog which is very knowledge heavy. This blog has a much heavier feel than some of the others, focussing on reporting from real live events, awards to no nonsense guides on how to solve problems your company may be facing.

This blog is an excellent resource to turn to when you have an actual problem you want to solve, as opposed to just popping in for a casual peruse. A great example of this is her post on

Louise tackles the hottest topics, often writing reaction pieces to events in the HR and recruitment news such as the launch of the Institute of Recruiters.

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Social Hire

Social Hire (2)

As is evident from its name, Social Hire’s blog provides information on recruiting from social channels only.

Articles range from illustrated overviews on a certain topic such as their infographic of the evolution of job interviews to more specific pieces hoping to solve a particular problem, e.g. 4 things that make for a poor candidate experience.

As increasing numbers of recruiters are finding, social networks can provide some of the best candidates, but it is often difficult to locate the best hires, spot the good candidates amongst the huge numbers of people, and arrange a proper recruitment process. Social hire provides excellent advice on all areas of social media, helping you to get the most out of each different social channel.

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The HR Director Blog

Hr Director

The HR Director Blog does not have one voice or a set selection of writers. Instead they “offer up opinions and viewpoints from the very best bloggers in HR”. There are 21 writers listed on their bloggers page, many of whom hold prestigious position in the HR industry, giving real authority to their posts. The blogs all fit into one or more of the 23 different categories, with some being quite specific e.g. concerning employment law whereas others are more general, such as discussing different aspects of health and wellbeing.

Some of the submissions are more popular than ever, so within each category it’s worth scrolling through to find a piece that has resonated with other readers.

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The Kings Shilling


Often with a tongue in cheek title or set of images, the Kings Shilling is a slightly different take on the recruitment blog. Just browsing the titles will leave you with a long reading list, as who could resist a post called “Why the Recruitment Revolution won’t be sparked with Tinder – Candy Crush for your Career?” or On “Culture” – “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”?

But despite the comedic titles, the blog posts tackle serious issues and offer good advice across a wide range of recruitment topics. Posts are written by Matt Buckland, whose 80k+ Twitter following stands as a gauge of his popularity in HR and recruitment circles.

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Advorto’s article are all aimed at helping recruiters to hire better people faster. Posts are added twice a week and range from top tips such as “10 steps to ensure your job offer is accepted” to reaction pieces to the big news in the Recruitment and HR industry such as “Are 64% Of Your Employees Disengaged?” which looks at some of the latest industry research.

Posts frequently feature reactions to events in the news, and are heavily fact-based, containing findings from numerous surveys and reports as a base and providing straight forward easy to implement advice for companies with internal HR teams.

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Unbridled Talent


Jennifer McClure’s blog covers five main topics; recruiting, HR, Career Development, Leadership and Personal Branding. As well as posting on her own blog, there are links to articles posted on other blogs, for example 4 Things To Do To Now To Become A Trusted Talent Advisor In 2015 (actually posted on Career Builder’s site but written my McClure).

As well as articles and tips for HR professionals, this blog also focusses quite heavily on HR events, providing articles such as Recommended Human Resources Conferences to Attend in 2015 and providing recaps and feedback on HR events for those who were unavailable to attend.

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The Hiring Site Blog by Career Builder

Hiringsite (1)

There are seven different featured contributors on the hiring site blog, who each present their latest findings, opinions and tips on not just hiring, but a wealth of human resources and recruitment topics. They also look at trends in hiring across different industries such as in their 20 Industries that look to have huge Job Growth through 2019 post so this is a great blog for any HR professional also looking at the wider jobs market, not just for professional advice.

This blog also specialises in wider scope articles, rather than posts that focus on one particular issue. An example of this is their post entitled “Stay ahead of these HR Trends” which details seven different aspects of Hr that they think a professional should be aware of and embrace during the year ahead.

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An article you may like to read if you do not already have recruitment software is 3 Ways Recruiting Software Will Improve Your Hiring Process.

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