Top 10 LinkedIn groups for Recruitment and HR

We all know how useful LinkedIn is as a tool for finding new candidates and researching potential hires, but it is also a great tool for learning, networking and keeping up to date with the industry.

There are thousands of LinkedIn groups catering to the human resources and recruitment industry. And it can be difficult to discern which groups would be of most benefit.

Below we have found ten LinkedIn groups (in no particular order) we think are worth your time joining and contributing to if you work in HR and recruitment.

The Recruitment Network

 Recruitment Network

438,200 members

16 subgroups

 260 discussions p/w

 56 comments p/w

With over 400 thousand members, this is a behemoth of a group and so if you are looking for a discussion on any topic across the HR or recruitment industry, you will definitely find it here! There are industry experts peppered through this group, demonstrated by a quick look through the group members, and all those I’ve contacted have been very happy to help.

The subgroups are excellent if you have a particular question in a more specific area, or are looking for more detailed or specialised information.

Occasionally some spam posts do get through into the discussions, but these are removed quickly and are far outweighed by quality posts.
There are not a huge number of comments, so more of a group for information than in-depth discussion or networking.

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E-Recruitment Group of Sr. Recruiters

E -rec Snr Recruiters

166,000 members

0 subgroups

178 discussions p/w

29 comments p/w

This is an open group so there a few spam posts do make it into the discussions, but these are removed rapidly. There are less posts per week in this group than in the larger group above, so there is more chance of anything you post being seen and discussed by the other members in the group.

There are no subgroups so everything is focussed in one main group so all comments and discussions can be found easily, but are not organised by any linking factor.

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Linked HR

965,656 members

15 subgroups

5 discussions p/w

132 comments p/w

This is a very high quality group with rich information being provided by the top contributors of the group. With only an average of 5 posts per week but with over 100 comments, it is an excellent place to ask questions, discuss hot topics and network.

The group is open so anyone can join, but the group rules do specify that this is for the HR and Recruitment industry and not for job seekers. This means that the group is not inundated by job posts, a common problem with many HR and recruitment groups.

Only very few people are permitted to post new items within this group, so if you have your own question or topic to discuss you may be better finding an existing post under the same topic and contributing to an existing discussion.

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Human Resources (HR) & Talent Management Executive

HR And Talent Management Exec

370,310 members

5 subgroups

28 discussions p/w

153 comments p/w

This group has a good balance of members to discussions to comments. They moderate all posts and as such I have never seen any spam posts make it through to the group discussions page. However more posts are permitted into this group than the last, and therefore you are more likely to be successful with posting your own discussions, provided they are of high quality.

The subgroups cover 5 popular aspects of the HR industry so are excellent if you specialise in an area such as learning and development or performance management. 

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HR Professionals Association

HR Professionals

 228,968 members

5 subgroups

130 discussions p/w

178 comments p/w

Another closed and moderated group, but with more discussions per week. The large number of comments makes this another excellent group for networking and asking questions to a responsive group of HR professionals.

There is a subgroup specifically for networking which is excellent for those who want to gather more connections on LinkedIn. There is also a subgroup for job posts, meaning the rest of the groups are free from recruiters promoting new roles or candidates looking for their next position.

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Hire Better People Faster


We would be foolish not to include our own LinkedIn group in this list!

Our group may not be large, but 63% of all members being Senior, Managers or Directors, and a further 9% being Vice Presidents, the quality of the members of this group is far higher than many of the others on this list.

We welcome new members and their comments/discussions, and we are strictly against spam of any sort. The content posted in the group includes the latest trends in HR, recruitment, with a focus on recruitment technology and how to improve your business by embracing talent acquisition strategies.

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The Network

Recruiter .com

669,973 members

11 subgroups

 161 discussions p/w

87 comments p/w

The categories of sub-group here are really excellent. They are split into both topics and geographic areas, so whether you are looking for regional knowledge, or more general information, there is a group which is likely to provide the answers you need.

A great deal of different experts contribute to this group, and although there are fewer comments than in some of the groups, there are a great deal of likes, showing the content is being read and enjoyed by the audience.

The discussions are all of a good quality as they exclude job posts, irrelevant posts and spam.

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Applicant Tracking Systems - HR and Recruiting Industry

ATS (1)

6,175 members


13 discussions p/w

1 comment p/w

This is another small group, but if you are looking for applicant tracking systems, it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.

Some posts do stray a little off of the applicant tracking topic into more general HR and recruitment discussions, but they are of a good quality. There are not many comments in this group, but I have reached out to a couple of members in the past and they have been responsive and helpful.

The one subgroup is reserved for providers of applicant tracking systems, so is a great place to go for information if you are looking to invest in new software.

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Human Resources UK


13,595 members

1 subgroup

5 discussions p/w

8 comments p/w 

This is a decent sized group with limited numbers of discussions and comments but features a light-hearted side of the industry, such as their “Friday Giggles” posts.

They offer a completely sales free environment so all the posts have legitimate value and you are unlikely to be approached by anyone within the group who is looking only to sell to you. 

Their one subgroup focusses on Bristol, Swindon and Reading so if you work in any of these areas then this is likely to be the best group on LinkedIn for your particular needs.

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Human Resources Management & Executive Network

HR Management & Exec Network

 38,000 members

0 subgroups

391 discussions p/w

7 comments p/w

This group is aimed at HR professionals whose job title is at least at Managerial level.

There are a good range of discussions across all the HR and recruitment industry, with people submitting content regularly. Therefore if you are looking for advice you are certain to find something that is suitable for your company and relevant for your needs.

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I hope you find these groups useful. If you have a group you think is more worthy of a place on this list please email me at


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