Tap Into Your Talent Pool With A Recruiting CRM

Are the candidates in your talent pool the quality you need to help you to achieve your business goals? Do you have an engaged talent community responding to social media updates and job postings?

If your answer to either question is an uncomfortable ‘no’, the problem may lie in your candidate relationship management (CRM) or lack of it. The most successful recruiting CRM solutions enable two-way communication between employers and the top performers, creating talent pools or talent communities of the future.

With today’s war for talent a recruiting CRM provides a strategic advantage for a number of reasons:-

Your talent is mobile

Traditional methods of reaching out to passive talent, such as LinkedIn, e-mailing and even cold calling are becoming outdated and are more likely to deter potential talent than attract it.  Today’s talent is mobile. Jobs aggregator site Indeed estimates that 50% of all UK job searches are now carried out on a mobile device. Online recruitment strategies require consistent levels of social networking and automated texting facilities to engage with candidates. Choose a recruiting software that offers full functionality for candidates and hiring managers on all mobile and tablet devices.

Recruiting CRM improves communication

Ongoing engagement with talent in your pipeline is fundamental to a positive candidate experience; a recruiting CRM offers this facility. Regular interaction with your talent pool will quickly identify the candidates whose skills most closely match the requirements of your business. Maintain regular contact through your e-recruitment channels, whether social media, text messages, mobile and in this context (where you have permission) e-mail. As the candidate in your talent pool is already engaged with your brand, regular updates will reinforce positive messages about your culture, values and company vision.

Talent heads for your careers site

Initial engagement with talented candidates is often achieved through online recruitment channels such as job boards, social media and mobile platforms. While essential, this strategy often overlooks a primary source for attracting talent – your company’s careers pages which should:-

  • Provide the branding and candidate experience to encourage talent to register their interest even when you aren’t recruiting for a specific role - without resorting to coercion!
  • Take advantage of your recruitment software and recruitment CRM to engage directly with that talent and facilitate two way communication.
  • Give talented candidates the opportunity to be noticed and submit more than just their CV and covering letter.
  • Clearly demonstrate to passive talent that all elements of your recruitment processes are mobile and social friendly.
  • Allow candidates to apply directly to your company from their mobile device.
  • Provide them with access to your talent community without the need for completing onerous sign-up forms. They don’t need to justify their presence in your talent community; don’t give them a reason to look elsewhere.

Filter passive candidates

Recruiting CRM enables employers to screen both active and passive candidates to enable them to engage with those that most closely meet their long-term hiring requirements. Combined with an effective e-recruitment strategy this provides a deeper understanding of their views, experience and long-term aspirations - ideal for the next time you need to hire for a crucial position. It is not, however, an overnight fix but part of a long-term and sustained hiring strategy. 

Supporting your talent pool with effective recruitment management software and recruiting CRM is a key element of every successful talent acquisition strategy.

Advorto offers world class recruitment software systems to meet all of your requirements. Contact us today.

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