Competing in the Talent Race

The Race For Talent : 5 Ways To Compete Effectively

Have you ever wondered how some companies sprint ahead in the race for talent leaving others trailing in their wake or scratching their heads at the starting line? 

If your company falls into the latter two categories, we’re fairly confident we know where the answer to your problems lies; in your recruiting software – or your lack of it.

For any talent acquisition strategy to be effective an organisation needs a comprehensive and engaging hiring process.  It’s not simply a case of organising and managing your database. The best recruiting software will offer you the following advantages in your talent acquisition strategy and propel you ahead of the pack in the race for talent:-

Comprehensive recruitment platform

The most effective recruitment management systems come with an array of built-in capabilities designed to improving your hiring process. These include managing your social recruiting, job postings, interview scheduling and employee referral systems. It makes life much easier for harassed hiring managers than using a multitude of bewildering software applications.  Furthermore, a comprehensive platform adds an invaluable personal element by allowing interviewers to provide feedback on specific individuals after interview.

Employee referral programmes

An incentivised employee referral programme provides companies with (in theory) an ongoing funnel to top up their talent pool. Recruiting software which allows for monitoring of referred candidates is often the most successful as it allows employees to track the progress of their candidates. To avoid a plethora of unsuitable CVs, identify the key skills and attributes, together with the minimum standards which must be met by the referrals.  Your recruiting software should enable you to create and manage an employee referral programme that both works for you and boosts your position in the talent race.

Advantages in social recruiting

You don’t need us to tell you that social recruiting is where it’s at.  Online recruitment has revolutionised the recruitment industry in the past decade. Social media recruiting is – or should be - a vital element of every organisation’s talent acquisition strategy.  Applicant tracking systems that include a social recruiting component allow HR managers to incorporate their social media strategy into their overall hiring process.  Attracting passive talent is a long-term strategy and a visible presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is integral to its success. An effective applicant tracking system will enable you to integrate your social media strategy into your recruitment process and propel your company forward in the talent acquisition race.   

Marketing strategy

Successful organisations are waking up to the fact that the top talent no longer automatically seeks them out. In today’s market a pro-active talent acquisition strategy is compulsory, not optional.  The creation of an effective recruitment marketing strategy based on your core values and brand message will enable you to attract the appropriate calibre of candidates with the right culture fit – supported by comprehensive recruiting software which will extend your candidate reach.

Consistent brand message

Every online posting, whether on your career site, blog or social network communicates a message about your brand and company culture.  It is perhaps one of the most fundamental lessons companies need to learn to get ahead in the talent race.  All content should convey a consistent tone to ensure your campaign appeals to the types of candidates you need to achieve your long-term company goals.  Effective recruiting software which goes beyond your database and CV management can help you to achieve this aim and ensure a consistent message in all of your hiring campaigns.

Don’t be left at the starting line wondering where it all went wrong. Capitalise on the advantages offered by a recruitment management system that works for you and remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

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