Talent Acquisition: 3 Keys To Building A Talent Community

The ability to create a talent community is swiftly becoming a vital part of every hiring strategy.  With an engaged talent pool supported by an integrated recruiting software, employers can ensure a consistent flow of candidates into their recruitment funnel.

What is a talent community?

A talent community is an online location where qualified candidates engage both with other qualified individuals and with employers. Any individual who engages with your company in your talent community could prove essential in your next hire either as a candidate or in providing referrals.  Potential hires within these communities often exchange ideas on professional development, sharing content and referring opportunities.

Once created, a talent community operates as a starting point for talent acquisition the next time you have a vacancy in your company.  Take advantage of your recruiting software to create this community.  With a consistent brand message you can direct talent to your website and allow them to register their interest with your company regardless of whether or not you are recruiting at that time.  Once registered, they become part of your talent recruitment system and are easily notified the next time a suitable opportunity arises.

Building your talent community

Get to know your industry.  Where have your most successful hires come from? The data within your recruitment management system and applicant tracking software will provide you with the information you need to establish the likely location for your talent pool.  Join relevant groups in your industry or create your own LinkedIn group.

Normally, candidates will enter your talent community through your recruiting software and applicant tracking system at the end of a hiring process. These may include candidates in the following categories:-

  • Candidates who aren’t a good fit for the vacancy they applied for.
  • Candidates with potential but do not fit any other current vacancy.
  • Candidates who would be a good fit for certain roles in the future.

Inform them that you would like to add them to your talent community for consideration for future roles – and ensure you remain engaged with them.

Engaging with your talent community

Once you begin to build up a community of talented, qualified individuals, it is essential to engage with and grow this group.  You can achieve this by sharing relevant content and promoting consistent brand messages within your network.  Make the information relevant so that potential candidates are interested to hear more.  For example, you may wish to issue weekly or monthly updates providing information on:-

  • Company updates, including new products.
  • Any events or seminars your company have taken part in.
  • Job fairs or events your company is involved with

When it comes to e-recruitment and social media, however, it is not a case of one size fits all.  Some groups will be more responsive and active than others. 

Get a feel for the mood of the group and react accordingly. If your own talent community is slow to respond, bombarding them with information on a daily basis may result in losing key talent.  Forming connections is your priority as this is your chance to engage with potential hires of the future. If qualified individuals on the list respond to your posts, always reply to them.  An effective recruiting CRM will also enable you to tap into your talent pool. 

Create your own talent community with the support of an integrated recruitment management system.  Advorto’s world class software helps your company to recruit better talent faster. Get in touch today

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