Talent Acquisition : Three Simple Ways To Attract Quality Candidates

As the search for the top performers continues, employers are seeking ever more innovative ways of improving their talent acquisition strategies, yet it doesn’t need to be complicated.  The most effective ways of breathing new life into your hiring strategy are often the most simple. Here are three of he most effective:-

Consider your internal talent first

Don’t underestimate the value of your internal talent pool. A recent survey revealed that 77% of employers understand how crucial internal recruitment is to the future success of their business. Having said that, 54% recruit less than a third of all new hires from within their organisation. [1] Perhaps surprisingly, a fear of losing the top talent within their company prevents a quarter of employers from pursuing this option.

Make your existing employees your priority. Reiterating their value to your organisation will create a positive company culture which in turn naturally attracts high achievers. Engaged, happy employees are also more likely to recommend your business as a great place to work within their network and across online recruitment platforms. They are also one of the most productive sources for recruiting future talent, as every organisation with an effective employee referral scheme will tell you.

Focus on the people you already have.  It’s a simple, vital yet often overlooked component of a successful talent acquisition strategy.

Engage with talent before you need it

Recruiting talent begins long before a vacancy is identified.  The growth of e-recruitment techniques means you can now reach out to passive talent on an on-going basis. Waiting until your next employee offers their resignation before you activate your recruitment process is too late. It affects productivity, impacts on employee morale and places pressure on your HR team to quickly fill the vacancy; all too often it will result in a bad hire.  If your company hasn’t recruited for a while you will also be out of touch with the most effective online recruitment strategies.

To improve the prospects of attracting the top talent into your organisation stay ahead of the competition with consistent engagement that reflects your company’s brand  A state-of-the-art recruitment software system will enable your HR department to organise and maintain your talent pool. Additional features such as an integrated recruiting CRM (candidate relationship management) function means your business can provide potential talent with company updates and alert them to an upcoming vacancy.

Integrate recruiting software at every stage of your hiring process

With over three quarters of candidates reportedly using mobile devices or tablets to search for jobs, that will inevitably include the talented candidates and potential great hires your company needs. To identify and attract passive talent you must integrate online recruitment into your talent acquisition strategy.  This means reaching out to your company’s future high achievers across a variety of channels. 

Broaden your reach by introducing video interviewing, creating a mobile friendly careers site and implementing social media strategies into your overall recruitment process. With just over half of the top performers dropping out of the talent pipeline before reaching their intended place, you need all of the recruiting tools at your disposal to minimise delays. Choose a recruiting software  that will help you to locate, identify and engage with talent.

An effective talent acquisition strategy is more vital than ever to the long-term success of all organisations.  With a few simple techniques, your company can streamline its recruitment processes and begin to engage with the talent it needs.  An integrated recruitment management system with effective applicant tracking software is a vital part of that process. 

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