Talent Acquisition : 6 Missing Ingredients In Your Hiring Process

Over one third of global employers reported difficulties in finding qualified candidates in 2014[1] . With the predicted talent shortage tightening its grip, businesses must streamline their recruitment processes in order to attract, hire and retain qualified candidates. If your talent acquisition strategy falls short of its targets, it may be missing one of these vital ingredients:-

Social media sourcing : Successful e-recruitment strategies require a prominent presence on social media. Sophisticated recruiting software will automatically post your vacancies across online recruitment channels freeing up vital time for HR to focus on engaging with talent on social media. This is the first step to creating a talent pool. Find out where your most successful hires have come from with the data provided by your applicant tracking software and focus your efforts on those e-recruitment sources.  

Up-to-date recruiting software : Western European businesses invested an estimated €2.5billion on recruiting software in 2014[2] with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 7%.  Recruiting software is big business yet too many companies are still failing to take advantage of modern talent recruitment systems.  If your HR technology requires bolt-ons for social media recruitment or the management of interview scheduling, it’s time to upgrade. Don’t lose out in the race for talent before you reach the starting line.

Ease of application : A cumbersome application process frustrates candidates who will often abandon their application rather than complete numerous online forms. To capture the interest of talent, your application process must be flexible.  Modern recruiting software allows talented candidates to simply register their interest in your company. From there, your applicant tracking software takes care of the rest, alerting hiring managers to qualified candidates and maintaining their interest with consistent automated updates.

The human touch : Recruiting software enhances hiring processes while allowing HR to focus on what’s important – identifying hiring needs, engaging with talent and promoting your employer brand via e-recruitment feeds. If prospective candidates feel that your applicant tracking system is just another black hole they will look elsewhere. Recruiting software enables HR to strike a delicate balance between sourcing qualified applicants and identifying the candidates who are most likely to thrive within your company culture The most successful organisations understand that recruitment is first and foremost about people.

Employee referral programme : For your talent acquisition strategy to succeed, an employee referral programme is not optional. Employee referrals must be your number one source for passive talent. Candidates hired as a result of effective employee referrals are more likely to be a better culture fit, leading to reduced hiring costs and improved employee retention rates.  Select recruiting software with a built-in employee referral function which allows you to track referred candidates through an integrated applicant tracking system. A sharing facility will also enable employees to promote your vacancies quickly across social media, boosting the success of your e-recruitment strategy.

Collaboration : An applicant tracking system will immediately provide you with a snapshot of the talent in your pipeline but successful hiring solutions require collaboration between HR team members.  Modern recruiting software enables you to assign tasks to specific team members and quickly share information on candidates in your recruitment funnel, eliminating unnecessary delays in processing qualified applicants through talent recruitment systems.  A dedicated hiring manager portal ensures that control of the recruitment process remains in the right hands.

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[1] Source : Manpower Talent Shortage Survey

[2] Source : Personnel Today

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