5 Ways To Overcome Candidate 'Roadblocks'

Is HR’s aversion to using technology in the recruitment process endangering their ability to connect, engage with and retain top talent?  Careerbuilder’s report ‘How Candidate Experience is Transforming HR Technology’ reveals five key areas where the hiring process is hindered by:-

  • An absence of technology
  • Outdated recruiting software
  • Lack of understanding of the capability of their talent recruitment systems

Here, we respond to the five technology roadblocks detailed by Careerbuilder and outline how the most effective recruitment management systems can transform the success of your talent acquisition strategy.

Failure to capture candidates : Today’s talent doesn’t always have the time to apply for a vacancy the instant they see it. Employers who do not provide a facility for candidates to register their interest prior to applying are in risk of losing qualified applicants. Less than a quarter of employers provide this option.  

Solution : Choose a recruiting software that will allow candidates to register their interest in your vacancy or brand at all times. This will enable you to build up a talent community to tap into for future roles as well as attract talent to existing vacancies.

Failure to re-engage with previous applicants : More than a third of HR teams fail to approach previous applicants when advertising new vacancies, running the risk of overlooking potentially qualified candidates.

Solution : An applicant tracking system and effective recruitment funnel will enable HR to trace those candidates and recruit talent faster, as well as facilitate the creation of a talent pool.

Automated responses : A key part of a negative candidate experience is the lack of acknowledgement or communication from an employer once an application has been submitted. Automated responses that lack a personal element will deter talent from pursuing an opportunity. The candidate experience needs to be positive from the first encounter with your brand.

Solution : The most effective talent recruitment systems personalise messages to applicants using both your logo and company colours to maintain the brand image, while simultaneously providing candidates with the comfort of a professional response. Companies who offer that personal element will enjoy greater engagement with qualified applicants.

Applications limited to a desktop : The figures reported by Careerbuilder reveal a gap in the expectations of HR and candidates. The requirement for candidates applying via mobile device to complete their application via a desktop means that the majority abandon the process (65%). Less than a quarter of HR professionals considered the ability to apply via a mobile device an essential part of the candidate experience.

Solution :  The survey results reveal a disconnect between the expectations of HR and job applicants. Choose a recruitment management system which offers full functionality for candidates and HR on all mobile and tablet devices.

A complicated application process : A lengthy application process will deter qualified candidates – particular passive talent - who have neither the time nor the inclination to respond to multiple pages of questions. 

Solution : Keep questions succinct and relevant to capture key information through your applicant tracking system with the use of Gross Negative Disqualifier (GND) questions. In essence these are killer questions that screen candidates faster, allowing them to move more rapidly through the application process.  GNDs also enable candidates to ‘self-qualify’ and assess whether they are suitable for the vacancy.

To quote Careerbuilder, ‘technology can be your greatest ally or enemy when you’re interacting with … candidates’.  Take advantage of recruiting software that will enhance rather than hinder your candidate experience.

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