Talent Acquisition: 4 Classic Hiring Errors To Avoid

Creating a talent acquisition strategy that works is no mean feat. The pressure is on to ensure a flawless candidate experience from the instant a potential applicant encounters your brand. From writing effective job adverts to screening out unsuitable candidates and ensuring that qualified candidates remain in the pipeline, hiring managers face demands to get it right first time, every time.

It’s not always possible of course and with so much at stake, mistakes are often made and a poor candidate experience quickly reported across social media.

The good news is that the most common hiring errors can be avoided with an effective recruitment management system. Here’s how:-

Taking too long to respond

Waiting several weeks to hear back about a job application isn’t acceptable but nor it is uncommon. Most jobseekers simultaneously apply to a number of vacancies in the search for their next career move.  The chances are that if your company takes too long to respond to the qualified candidates replying to your job advert, they will accept another offer in the meantime. 

Recruiting software with an integrated applicant tracking system can help you to avoid this problem. An automated e-mailing facility means that candidates in your pipeline are fully engaged throughout the recruiting process.  Choose a recruitment system that offers the functionality to send content to applicants relevant to the stage of the hiring process that they are in. This may be an automated e-mail to confirm an interview or a text message alerting them of the progress of their application. With a consistent flow of updates and information, the top talent is more likely to remain in your pipeline.

An ineffective careers site

There are two issues at stake here. Firstly, your careers site will directly affect the candidate’s decision to apply to a position with your company.  To attract high achievers into your talent recruitment system your website should reflect your brand message.  A badly designed careers site will send candidates in search of your opportunities with your competition.  Don’t lose them at the first hurdle.

The second issue is mobile.  A successful talent recruitment system requires a mobile friendly website. Choose recruiting software that is fully mobile engaged and offers full functionality on both mobile and tablet devices. That’s not all.  On arriving on your careers site, talented candidates don’t want to be faced with a lengthy form to complete in order to register their interest in your company. Again, they will seek an opportunity elsewhere that doesn’t require a tedious form filling exercise.

Choose a recruitment management system that allows talent to provide minimum detail at the point of viewing your job vacancy. That way qualified candidates are more likely to submit their details and from there enter your applicant tracking system.  The most effective recruiting software will fully integrate your careers page with your website for a seamless interface and allow candidates to use their LinkedIn profile when submitting their CV.

Failing to prepare for an interview

A successful interview is a two way experience for both candidates and hiring managers. One of the biggest oversights hiring managers make is in their failure to review a candidate’s background before meeting them.  Talented applicants will not be impressed with companies who clearly fail to take an interest in their background prior to the interview.

To avoid embarrassment, prepare thoroughly before each interview. Ensure appropriate questions are asked and each member of staff involved in the interview process is informed of the candidate’s history. Recruitment management software with an integrated applicant tracking system will allow easy sharing of candidate information, as well as providing all relevant content within one profile.   

Relying solely on culture fit

While culture fit and soft skills influence the final decision, they should not form the basis for final candidate selection. Candidates always perform to the best of their ability during an interview so it is impossible to make an accurate judgement on their personality. Past experience, competency based interviews, psychometric tests and relevant skills all play a part in the final mix. Choose recruitment management software with an integrated candidate assessment facility.  This removes the personal bias from the selection process by providing fully integrated online tests and pre-approved questions to identify qualified candidates objectively.

Advorto’s world class recruiting software meets all of these requirements and is the easiest way to manage your recruitment process.  Talk to us today.

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