Talent Acquisition : 10 Steps To Ensure Your Job Offer Is Accepted

The power in today’s jobs market is shifting towards the candidate. MRINetwork’s Sentiment Study released in December 2014 revealed that as many as 42% of successful applicants are rejecting job offers. As HR faces more pressure to create flawless hiring solutions, here are ten steps to ensure your job offer is accepted:-

Get the candidate experience right : The candidate experience is your biggest opportunity to convince a prospective new hire that your vacancy offers an ideal career move. 2014’s Candidate Experience Awards revealed that 47.7% of applicants had no previous relationship with an employer before applying for a position with them. Promote a positive impression of your company through your online recruitment channels and across your careers site. Take advantage of your recruiting software to ensure consistent, personalised and branded communication throughout the hiring process. This means setting expectations and delivering on them by responding to questions and providing feedback at every stage of the process.

Raise the prospect of a counter offer : Talent is scarce and counter offers are on the rise. If you’re certain you’ve identified a strong contender for your vacancy you must deal with the spectre of the counter offer early in the process. Ask questions such as, ‘How will your current employer react if you hand in your resignation?’ and ‘What would make you stay in your present job?’ According to the MRINetwork survey nearly half (49%) of professionals leave their current job in search of greater opportunities for advancement. Identify the motivations of your preferred candidate and address them during the hiring process.

Don’t waste time : Time kills deals. Once your decision is made contact your prospective new hire within 24 hours and preferably on the same day of the interview. Bear in mind that 31% of candidates in the MRINetwork survey rejected a job offer because they accepted another one. Don't waste time.

Pick up the telephone : Call the candidate to make the initial job offer. Not only does it demonstrate how keen you are for them to join your company, it gives HR the opportunity to evaluate their initial reaction. If you really want this candidate on your team, show them how much! Follow up with formal confirmation processed through your recruiting software once your offer is accepted. 

Show enthusiasm : Let the candidate know that out of the hundreds (or thousands) of CVs screened through your applicant tracking software they match the requirements of the job more closely than any other candidate. Share what impressed you about their attitude, skills and accomplishments. An interview is the place for formality. Once you’ve made your decision, enthusiasm is a must.

Negotiate salary : Be clear on exactly what salary and benefits a candidate can expect from joining your company. While it’s not the primary reason for most professionals quitting their jobs, an increase in salary is still a given. If the final package comprises an on-target earnings element provide clear illustrations of how that can be achieved with details of what employees in similar roles have earned in the past year. 

Be flexible on perks : It’s often the fringe benefits and perks that make the difference in acceptance and rejection of the final job offer. Be innovative.  Technology company Samsung recently launched several new benefits packages to reward staff, including magazine subscriptions, a wine club offering and a concierge service. Go above and beyond flexible hours which are now a legal right.

Emphasise job security : Small businesses may feel they can’t compete with the 'glamour' of larger organisations but the latest great places to work in the UK survey suggests the opposite. Job security ranked higher than rewards among respondents, with smaller organisations performing better than corporations in offering job security to candidates. SMEs also have the time to attract the right people to their organisation and offer more effective performance management. If that’s your business, highlight that advantage.

Get a commitment : Once the job offer is made, press the candidate for a commitment. A tentative acceptance is preferable to indecision. Deal with objections quickly and request formal acceptance of your offer within three days. Close them by asking questions such as ‘Can I now advise the other shortlisted candidates that the job offer has been accepted?’

Stay close : The notice period is often a stressful time for candidates. Stay close to them during this time through regular telephone contact and updates on how you are preparing for their arrival. Onboarding begins when the job offer is accepted. Ensure yours is successful with modern recruiting software which will take care of essential background checks and schedule your new hire’s orientation process.

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