Online Recruitment: The Key To Successful Talent Acquisition

With the majority of today’s recruiting taking place online the onus is on employers to ensure their talent recruitment systems are state-of-the-art.  At the same time, the way in which candidates apply to vacancies has also changed with most now relying on job boards, careers website and referrals. While the CV still has its place, ubiquitous online profiles are now available for employers to review at their convenience. 

Online recruitment systems now play a major role in successful talent acquisition strategies. How can your business capitalise on those systems to enhance your chances of hiring success?

Save time

Hiring talent is a complex process and for many companies a case of trial and error. It doesn’t need to be like that.  Recruitment management systems are designed to improve the efficiency and speed of the hiring workflow while ensuring all relevant boxes are ticked. Choose a recruitment system that will expedite your current hiring process by asking pertinent questions.  Does it promote a positive candidate experience? Can you monitor candidates at all stages of the hiring process with an effective applicant tracking system? Does it allow your company to move quickly to attract talent?

Use cloud based technology

The best recruitment systems are cloud based and operate on a SaaS (software as a service) basis. In combination with your social media platforms and online recruitment strategies cloud-based technology will boost your hiring efforts.  As employers look to social media as a way of building talent communities, recruitment systems with integrated social recruiting abilities will prove to be an essential tool in your talent acquisition strategy.

Integrate recruiting software with social media

The vast landscape of online recruitment can be overwhelming for hiring managers. A study by Employer Brand International revealed that social media is the second most effective recruitment channel after employee referrals.  LinkedIn is the obvious target for professional leverage. In the meantime, Facebook is fast becoming the social media network of choice for the majority of the workforce and provides employers with invaluable insights into the interests of their talent communities. A company page on Facebook helps to promote your company brand while Twitter makes it easy for talent to advertise themselves. Google Plus on the other hand is, well, Google! With so much choice, your recruiting software will help you to manage online recruitment channels with relative ease.  The most effective talent recruitment systems will be fully integrated with all of your social media channels, automatically publish vacancies to sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and allow candidates to effortlessly share your vacancies with their network.

Look beyond digital

Recruiting software can transform a tired hiring strategy by changing the way your company accesses, interprets and stores candidate information.  At the same time it’s important to ensure that at the heart of a successful talent attraction strategy lies a positive candidate experience.  With the talent recruitment system in place that supports your hiring strategy, ensures that positive experience and reflects the core values of your brand, you can begin to attract the candidates you need to fulfil your business goals.

To create a talent acquisition strategy that works, your online recruitment should form part of your long-term hiring strategy, not simply a short-term fix to urgent hiring issues.  The most effective recruitment systems will enable your company to strike a balance between reinforcing your employer brand and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

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