Shall I Compare Thee To An Applicant Tracking System?

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, love is in the air and we couldn’t help but draw a few comparisons between recruiting software and the dating process. With an occasional nod to romance, here’s why an applicant tracking system is a must to ensure your candidate courtship ends happily.

The Dating Period

You have a vacancy for a special someone in your organisation, that talented individual who will bring a unique set of skills and achievements to complement your business.

Applicant tracking software provides employers with a list of potential matches based on specific criteria. After that it is down to HR to discern and objectively assess candidates who tick your boxes through a series of ‘dates’.

At this stage, both parties are demonstrating their most endearing qualities to encourage a second date.

Don’t Play Hard To Get

If your first meeting suggests potential don’t play hard to get. The golden rule is this – always call after your first date or risk losing talent to a more attractive prospect. Use your applicant tracking software to stay engaged with automated, personalised messages on the progress of your vacancy – and arrange your second rendezvous as soon as possible.    

Once you are sure this applicant is ‘the one’ the final stage is of course the proposal.

Act Fast

As all recruiters will tell you, time kills deals. Today’s talent demands an efficient, fast moving hiring process. Their final acceptance of your proposal will depend on a number of factors, such as, the package, candidate experience and whether your company culture meets their aspirations. Companies who can meet these needs are more likely to receive a positive response to their job offer.

Procrastination or inefficient talent recruitment systems lead to the loss of qualified applicants in your recruitment funnel.  With available talent becoming harder to find, it’s important to act quickly.

The Proposal

To ensure your affection for your chosen candidate isn't unrequited and your offer rejected, your applicant tracking system plays a key role:-

  • Quick sharing of information between HR and line managers
  • Automating key points of the process.
  • Holding all essential information together in one place, including comments on the candidate, sharing the final decision and sending the job offer to the chosen one.  

Applicant tracking software ensures the entire process is efficient, consistent and keeps all interested parties fully informed of progress. If your candidate experience is positive and you have continually updated candidates with personalised messages and e-mails, your chosen one will be expecting your offer. 

Remember too, the talent that didn’t meet your requirements. Advise them of the outcome of your decision as soon as possible and request permission to retain their details in your online recruitment systems to be considered for future vacancies.

Is An Effective ATS Your Missing Piece?

How many of your proposals are turned down?  If you’re struggling to get a ‘yes’ from your chosen talent, what’s missing from your recruiting software?

As a minimum, your applicant tracking system must offer:--

  • Easy sharing of information between all interested parties.
  • Instant, easy access to all communication with and information on the candidate.
  • Notification when pre-determined milestones are reached in your hiring process – or as soon as a delay occurs.
  • The ability to send job offers and receive the candidate’s response and advise HR of any issues requiring negotiation.
  • Detailed recruitment analytics which provide live data, enabling you to view the current state of your relationship.

The Honeymoon Period

After your proposal is accepted, the onboarding or ‘honeymoon’ period begins. 

Guard against future heartache. Choose an applicant tracking system with a comprehensive onboarding functionality that automates the background checking process and alerts HR of any potential problems.

In recruitment, as in love, the cost of a ‘bad hire’ can be high. 

Don’t miss out on ‘the one’.  Create a hiring process that works with applicant tracking systems that enhance the chances of a long, happy and productive relationship. Talk to Advorto today.

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