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For HR professionals, the challenge of attracting and engaging with talent is becoming increasingly more urgent. As employers leverage the strengths of e-recruitment tools in an attempt to gain the edge on their competition, cloud-based recruiting software, also known as SaaS, is becoming the system of choice for a smooth running recruitment process.

SaaS (Software As A Service) is a software application accessed through the internet or ‘cloud’. It’s not physically located on your office premises nor operated through your infrastructure.  With its easy implementation, cloud recruiting software will strengthen your company’s talent acquisition strategy in the following ways:-

Focus on automated systems not admin

Employers who operate their hiring process without cloud recruiting software face numerous delays in posting vacancies across a range of job boards, screening and organising CVs and processing candidates.  While your hiring manager spends hours sifting through countless applications your competitors are leaving you behind in the talent race. An integrated applicant tracking system means an end to tedious administrative tasks and the creation of an organised candidate database.  Effective recruiting software allows you to search candidates according to specific criteria and quickly screen out unsuitable CVs.  It all adds up to a better candidate experience too.

Quicker time to hire

Cloud based recruiting software requires no installation compared to desktop or on-site based software. All you need is an internet connection; it really is that simple. Log-in to your account just as you would your LinkedIn profile or your Facebook page.  SaaS solutions are accessible from anywhere at any time and for your added convenience Advorto’s cloud based recruiting software is also mobile friendly. With its adaptability and ease of implementation, less training time is required for pressured HR managers too. The result? More of your valuable time focused on finding and hiring quality candidates.  

Cost Effective

With cloud based recruiting software, your business can forget the additional overheads that come with a dedicated IT team or on-site server.   It also differs from the traditional licensed software as it operates on a subscription-based model. Prices are typically calculated according to the number of users requiring access to your system.  In that way, your business only pays for what it needs while the scalability of your SaaS solution means that as your business grows, it expands with you.

Software updates taken care of

Your SaaS provider will ensure all updates and upgrades are automatically taken care of removing the need to install the latest recruiting software features and enhancements.   Busy hiring managers can be confident that their recruitment management system utilises the most up-to-date technology available to ensure an optimised hiring process. In a talent starved market where companies compete to attract the high achievers their business needs, this is a vital advantage.

Security and back-ups are covered

In-house recruiting software requires the additional cost and burden involved in ensuring data is backed-up and all systems protected.  Cloud recruiting software incorporates automatic back-ups without the necessity for intervention or the onerous process of backing up data.

Easy to implement

With their ease of access SaaS solutions are instantly available to integrate into your hiring processes. Access, maintenance, updates, backups, upgrades and basic customer support is all included with your cloud recruiting software.  An easier way to post jobs, screen candidates and recruit the talent your organisation needs is only a click away.

Confused about which recruiting software will work with your hiring processes? Advorto delivers talent recruitment solutions ‘through the cloud’ and we’re here to help.  Recruit better people faster. Talk to us today.  

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