Recruiting Software : Giving Candidates What They Want

As the power subtly shifts from employers to candidates, talent acquisition strategies are changing. CV Library’s recent survey of active job seekers seeks to provide answers on how to engage candidates specifically for recruiters but the results are relevant to all HR and recruitment professionals.

With a clear brand message and the latest recruiting software, employers can create a hiring process that attracts qualified candidates by giving them exactly what they want. Here’s how:-

Don’t discount job boards : Job boards and aggregator sites like Indeed continue to play a part in online recruitment with over one third (35%) of active candidates turning to job boards first in their job search. With counter offers on the rise, active candidates may well prove to be a more attractive and cost effective option for hard pressed HR teams.  To maximise your candidate reach, select the job board that most closely fits your hiring needs. Integrated recruiting software automatically posts vacancies to selected job boards and social media channels simultaneously.

Make it easy to apply : Over half of candidates surveyed (55.5%) want the option to search and apply for jobs on the move. Modern talent recruitment systems provide full functionality for candidates and hiring managers on all mobile devices.  To attract both passive and active candidates, the ability to register their interest, upload a CV or apply with a LinkedIn profile is essential.

React quickly : It’s not sufficient to respond to online recruitment queries solely during the working day. Successful talent acquisition is 24/7 and responses must be prompt.  Take advantage of your applicant tracking system to send personalised automated responses on receipt of a registration of interest or application for a vacancy. In today’s candidate driven market creating the perfect candidate experience is a given. First impressions count.

Communicate : Over half of candidates prefer communication via e-mail after an initial contact and meeting. While this refers to recruiters directly, it applies to employers too. Active job seekers need to be discreet while at work. Recruiting software enables HR to set up automated e-mail and SMS updates on the progress of applications. Stay engaged with talent in your pipeline.

Are you giving your candidates what they want? Analysis of the data in your applicant tracking system will provide the answers. These typical symptoms suggest you may be failing to deliver in your hiring process:-

Candidates not available : Qualified candidates withdrawing from the pipeline before an interview is scheduled suggests a lack of engagement and a prolonged hiring process.  Choose a recruitment management system with integrated applicant tracking software that monitors candidate progress and allows self-scheduling of interviews.

Job offer rejected : An instant rejection of your job offer indicates a negative candidate experience. Successful hiring requires a compelling job description supported by an equally compelling brand message. From online recruitment to your careers sites, the entire experience must be positive and consistent.

Applicants are humans too : Up to three quarters of job seekers don’t receive a response to their application and 60% hear nothing after an interview[1]. HR may view unqualified candidates as dispensable but social media means they vocalise their dissatisfaction online. Even a ‘no’ is preferable to silence. With recruiting software, candidate notifications are taken care of. 

Both HR and recruiters must hone their recruiting strategies to appeal to qualified candidates. The companies who succeed will be those who understand their brand message, their candidate appeal and – with the help of applicant tracking software – the source of their most  successful hires.

Get serious about recruitment. Give your candidates what they want with the help of world class recruiting software. Talk to Advorto today.

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[1] Source : CareerBuilder

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