Recruiting Software : 9 Steps To Winning The War For Talent

In today’s candidate driven market, employers must pull out all of the stops to attract the talent they need. Perfecting your talent acquisition strategy requires an impeccable brand image, a flawless candidate experience and a faultless hiring choice – underpinned with sophisticated HR technology.

If you’re serious about winning the war for talent, make these changes to your hiring process:-

Improve your brand image : It takes more than recruitment advertising and posting vacancies to job boards to attract qualified candidates in today’s market. Passive talent reviews online recruitment and social media sites to find out what candidates are saying about your company.  Before you begin your recruitment campaign review your brand image. Without a positive first impression your talent acquisition strategy will fail.

Research your prospective talent : There’s no one size fits all approach to hiring solutions. Create a profile of your target hire. Which social media sites attract your ideal candidate? What criteria do they apply when selecting a prospective employer?  What is the deciding factor that motivates them to explore opportunities with your company?  How successful are your online recruitment efforts? Your applicant tracking software will provide answers.  Keep up to date with the latest research on recruiting trends, particularly if your target market consists of millennials who seek out different qualities in a prospective employer compared to their Generation X and Baby Boomer colleagues.  

Build relationships : Your hiring need may not be immediate but engagement with future talent must begin now. Savvy employers will be swiftly implementing a talent retention strategy to prevent their top performers from being swayed by external offers. Support your online recruitment efforts with recruiting software that enables consistent engagement with your talent community.  If you don’t have a access to a talent community, it is imperative you begin to create one today.  Passive candidates don’t seek out job opportunities and will only respond to a brand they trust. Start building relationships now.

Improve your screening process : How effective is your applicant tracking system? Review your hiring criteria and talent recruitment systems to ensure that all qualified candidates are filtered through your initial screening. As the market becomes more candidate driven employers cannot afford to let hard to find talent slip through their applicant tracking software. Choose talent recruitment systems that create pre-employment questionnaires for a more accurate assessment.   

Create a flawless careers site : For employers serious about winning the war for talent a branded careers site supported by recruiting software is a must.  Create a story about your company that is nothing short of compelling to attract and engage with top performers. Allow for a registration of interest rather than insisting on a painful application process. Make it easy by enabling passive candidate to apply with a LinkedIn profile.  Be consistent, transparent and above all, authentic.  You have only one chance to attract the talent your business needs.   

Get mobile : Talent is on the move; a mobile enabled careers site is not an option. Choose recruiting software that allows for full functionality for candidates in your applicant tracking system and hiring managers on all mobile devices.

Speed up your hiring process : Every step in your hiring process must be completed quickly and efficiently. This is only possible with sophisticated, scalable recruiting software. Before you begin, you must evaluate your existing recruitment analytics, including your time to hire.  A tedious, prolonged hiring process will result in the loss of qualified candidates.  Monitor the status of talent in your pipeline through your applicant tracking software and stay engaged with automated, personalised messages from members of your team. 

Improve your employee referral programme : For companies serious about recruitment, employee referrals must be the number one source of quality hires. Existing employees are best placed to recommend your company to prospective talent.  Implement an employee referral programme that responds promptly to both the referrer and the candidate, facilitating a ‘fast track’ process through your applicant tracking software for referred talent.

Limit your interviews : A flawless candidate experience is crucial to successful talent acquisition.  Restrict your process to a maximum of three interviews and be prepared to change your perspective. In a candidate driven market employers must promote their brand to candidates. Avoid the so-called ‘death by interview’ syndrome which is guaranteed to drive frustrated candidates in the direction of your competitors. 

Get serious in the war for talent. Support your hiring efforts with world class recruiting software. Contact Advorto today.

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