Pizza Hut Requires "Decent Looking" Job Adverts

Remember when Pizza Hut attracted attention for changing their name to ‘Pasta Hut’ as part of a marketing campaign that brought welcome publicity for the brand?

This week they’ve hit the headlines for the wrong reasons following their controversial job posting on Gumtree advertising for ‘decent, good-looking girls’. While sanity prevailed and the advert was taken down after a week, it wasn’t before it had made its way onto several social media sites and a subsequent complaint was made to head office.

Pizza Hut have stated that the advert in question was written and published by an employee of just one particular branch and was not aligned with the “guidelines, policies and practices of Pizza Hut”.

With over 700 restaurants to manage, how is it possible for HR to ensure that all job postings comply with company policy?

The answer is applicant tracking software.

Sophisticated recruitment management systems comprise a system of checks and balances which include an ‘Authority to Recruit’ process to ensure that job postings are reviewed before ‘going live’ – thereby avoiding inadvertent discrimination and unwelcome publicity.  

Advorto’s recruitment management system is flexible and scalable to suit your business needs.  Our Hiring Manager Portal enables hiring managers to both create and approve job requisitions, screen candidates, schedule interviews and perhaps most importantly – review and post vacancies across online recruitment channels.

With no training required, our straightforward recruiting software makes the reviewing process simple and fast. Once approved, job adverts can be automatically posted across e-recruitment pages including your careers website, job boards and social media. Supported with modern applicant tracking software, accurate monitoring and full reporting for all applicants is instantly available.

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