Online Recruitment : 4 Steps To A Successful Social Media Campaign

There’s no escaping the fact that successful talent acquisition goes hand-in-hand with effective online recruitment via social media. For employers new to e-recruitment, however, the thought of creating a social media campaign can seem daunting.  The fact is, that social networking sites are a vital source of talent and essential in creating online talent communities.  

How can your company create a social media recruitment campaign that will ultimately enhance your hiring process and bring the candidates your organisation needs into your talent recruitment system?

Understand your target audience

The success of your online recruitment campaign via social media relies on you knowing where to find your target audience.  Today’s professionals spend time on a variety of social networks but which platform is favoured by your industry’s talent? Before you can begin your e-recruitment campaign, consider the following:-

  • Which online platforms does your target audience use – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ Twitter, Pinterest or a combination of these or other sites?
  • When are they most active on these sites? Timing can be a vital ingredient in the success of your e-recruitment strategy.
  • What qualities and skills does your company need (including soft skills)?
  • What types of messages will your target audience respond to?

Create appropriate job descriptions

Effective recruitment management systems allow you to post your job adverts and links to job descriptions across your social media networks.  This will require a quite different approach to traditional job descriptions; think of them as ‘soundbites’ to entice candidates to learn more about your brand.  Getting your content right is crucial to the success of your talent acquisition strategy and it must reflect your company’s brand values.

Our top three tips are:-

  • All job postings should refer talent to an easily accessible link to apply to your vacancy, preferably your careers website.  With increasing numbers of job searches being carried out via mobile, your recruiting software should also offer full functionality on both tablets and mobile devices.
  • Think SEO : Use relevant keywords and phrases to target talent which are easily screened through your applicant tracking software.
  • Avoid gimmicks. Keep your job titles straightforward to attract qualified candidates into your talent recruitment system.

Reach out to passive talent

Three quarters of all global candidates are passive, 15% of these are rated ‘super-passive’ which means they are unwilling to move.  Your online recruitment campaign needs to consider how you can connect with passive candidates in order to attract them into your talent pipeline

There are two principal ways of achieving this:- 

  • Firstly, encourage your employees to share the opportunities available across their own networks through an incentivised employee referral system.  Many of their connections may be open to considering opportunities but aren’t actively applying for jobs. Candidates referred by employees can be monitored through your applicant tracking software.  This strategy will reduce your organisation’s overall time-to-hire as well as your hiring costs.
  • Secondly, we’ve already hinted at it, but recruiting software with an integrated applicant tracking system will ensure that the talent entering your recruitment funnel is quickly identified by your recruitment team. The successful referrer will also be notified promptly.

Stay in touch

Once you have established initial contact with qualified candidates, it’s vital to stay in touch with them.  E-recruitment and social media campaigns take time and effort to produce results, don’t waste that effort by leaving talent lingering in your pipeline without any communication.  Take advantage of recruiting software that allows you to stay in touch via automated messages and always respond promptly to tweets, Facebook comments or direct messages. Your applicant tracking system will allow you to quickly review the progress of the talent in your pipeline.

When combined with an effective e-recruitment strategy, social media recruitment campaigns can help your company to connect with passive talent.  Choose a recruitment management system that complements your requirements and helps you to achieve your goals. Talk to Advorto today

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