Switching ATS Suppliers

We understand that moving from one supplier to another can be a daunting task – your data is your most valuable asset and you need to ensure that no essential details are left out when moving data between old and new systems.

We have a fully managed migration process which will guide you through the process of moving to Advorto and should hopefully absolve any data concerns you may have.

How do I get access to my current data?

Depending on your current system, data export can take a number of formats. If you have previously been using excel spreadsheets, this process should be simple!

If you are using your own software or one of our competitors, we will investigate their export abilities to make sure that as much data as possible is extracted and saved, ready to be uploaded to your new Advorto system.

Moving data into the Advorto system

Your account manager will work with you to ensure that your new system seamlessly accepts your data when it is uploaded into our system. Any non-standard fields will be mapped into our new system ready for your data, as well as any new information you may want to add.

We can then import your existing data in bulk to your new system ready for you to use for your next hiring campaign.

Can my data be exported from the Advorto system?

We can easily and safely download all of your data into a convenient storage method to be uploaded elsewhere. Your account manager will give you a range of options and talk you through the most suitable export method for your needs. 

If you would like more information on Advorto's systems and how they could benefit your company please contact us.

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