#Milifandom & Other Hiring Lessons From The General Election Campaign

The General Election campaign is in full swing right now with politicians fighting for the media spotlight and attention of UK voters. Beneath the hype there are some pertinent lessons for employers seeking successful hiring solutions.

With a tongue-in-cheek nod to recent headlines, we take a closer look at what employers can learn from #Milifandom and other campaign highlights so far:-

Broken promises aren’t forgotten : Success in talent acquisition depends on authenticity which means delivering on your promises. Employers who make public pronouncements on matters of principle and later renege spectacularly on those promises will struggle in their efforts to attract qualified candidates. The pre-election promise on tuition fees made by the Liberal Democrats and their now plummeting support epitomise this point. Disengaged employees take to online recruitment sites to express dissatisfaction with their employers – don’t let that be you.

Tomorrow’s talent wants to be heard : Voter apathy is rife among the under 25s who feel they have nothing in common with the political parties. If you want to attract upcoming talent to your company you must understand what they want. Traditional recruitment methods such as LinkedIn won’t work with millennials. To avoid candidate apathy, employers must engage with them directly, rather than adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to talent acquisition. Think the SNP’s success in engaging young voters in 2014’s referendum - or Google with its estimated two million applicants per year. (It’s now harder to get into Google than it is to get into Harvard).  

Don’t get personal : Criticising the strategies of competitors while offering no viable alternative will disengage passive candidates. Decide what your core values are in just three words and convey that message across online recruitment channels and social media platforms. Focus on what you can offer rather than what your competition can’t. Candidates, like voters, are intelligent and discerning. Treat them that way. Constant criticism of other employers will ultimately backfire. The Conservatives’ personal attacks on Labour leader Ed Miliband have provoked a reaction they probably didn’t anticipate (see our next point).

Never underestimate the power of social media : The success of your e-recruitment campaigns will be heavily influenced by social media. In the last few days, Ed Miliband has enjoyed a newfound fame and a surge of new followers on Twitter due to a #milifandom craze. Supporters have taken to Twitter in praise of the Labour leader, superimposing his head onto the bodies of James Bond and Ross Poldark.  Conservatives attempted to respond with #cameronettes but it was too late. #Milifandom had the momentum and was trending high on Twitter for several hours. Learn the lesson. Tap into current trends and harness the power of social media for hiring success.

Don’t just promise perks : As the efforts to secure attention-grabbing headlines increase on a daily basis, employers must remember that successful talent acquisition requires transparent leadership, not knee-jerk reactions. As Google’s HR boss advises talent acquisition and employee retention is not only about the headline perks, it’s about providing something meaningful. Deliver that something meaningful and your talent acquisition strategy - like an authentic election campaigh - will thrive.  

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