LinkedIn & The Generation Gap : How To Attract Generation Y

LinkedIn is one of the first places employers and recruitment companies turn to in their search for talent through online recruitment channels. A recent article in HRZone highlighted its ability to act as a type of ‘applicant tracking system’ with an extensive ‘back catalogue’ of career histories and achievements of millions of professionals.

Yet with the average age of a LinkedIn candidate quoted as 44, Generation Y has apparently failed to see its attraction.

As well as the age and inherent culture gap, the article highlights a number of reasons for this indifference, including:-

  • The line between the professional and personal lives of Generation Y is more blurred than that of previous generations. Facebook is the website of choice so joining a separate networking site for career progression opportunities simply doesn’t make sense to them.  
  • Rather than the emphasis on ‘who you know’, millennials prefer to be recognised for their achievements and skills, not for their connection with a company’s HR director.  
  • LinkedIn doesn’t produce the ‘instant’ results that most millennials seek so they will migrate to other sites which may not feature so prominently in an employer’s e-recruitment strategy.

The online recruitment evolution is, however, about to undergo another shift with the revelation that Facebook is developing its own Facebook at Work. This professional networking site will compete with both LinkedIn and Google and also comes at a time when LinkedIn is facing a class action lawsuit over lost job opportunities in the US. Both announcements will deter millennials from heading to LinkedIn.

Where does that leave companies eager to engage with and hire Generation Y who are predicted to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025?

Employers today require a talent recruitment system which encompasses the more traditional online recruitment locations such as job boards and LinkedIn, while embracing the contrasting job seeking habits of millennials. An appropriate talent acquisition strategy will offer that when supported by a sophisticated recruitment management system.

Our advice is as follows:-

Post to social media : Recruiting software that enables posting to multiple social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and even LinkedIn) simultaneously allows the broadest candidate reach for your vacancies.  An integrated applicant tracking system will also identify the point of an applicant's entry into your recruiting software offering vital insight into where Generation Y first engages with your brand. Generation Y is also known for being more socially active so a simple sharing facility will encourage them to share your vacancies across their networks.

Ensure brand consistency : Employer branding is predicted to be the hot topic in talent acquisition during 2015. Generation Y looks for a consistent brand message across your entire online presence and e-recruitment channels.  Take advantage of your recruiting software to ensure uniformity in your message with a careers site that is fully integrated with your own website. For time-poor Generation Y candidates frustrated with lengthy application forms, the provision of a ‘registration of interest’ allows them to submit their CV at a later stage, while their contact details are logged in your applicant tracking software.

Match it with the candidate experience : A polished brand message that doesn’t live up to expectations will result in lost talent. The experience of all candidates must reflect your culture and core values with timely and consistent communication.  Choose a recruitment management system which provides an automated, personalised messaging facility via SMS or e-mail to maintain engagement. 

Show what’s in it for them : Successful talent acquisition strategies need to take into account the expectations of Generation Y to be successful. Employers must clearly spell out the benefits of working with their brand across their e-recruitment and social media platforms and fulfil all promises made during the hiring process.  Millennials also seek employers with a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which should be evident across your online recruitment channels.

Promote flexible working : Millennials demand a positive work/life balance from their employer and will think nothing of leaving a role that doesn’t meet their aspirations. Flexible benefits and working hours should be a vital part of your talent acquisition strategy and reflected in your e-recruitment message and social media postings to entice Generation Y into your talent pool.

As LinkedIn seeks more innovative ways to become the online recruitment site of choice for both HR, recruiters and jobseekers, it must also respond to the apathy of Generation Y and the challenges of Facebook. In the meantime, employers juggling the demands of a multi-generational workforce can bridge this gap by utilising intelligent recruitment management systems to attract talent to their brand.

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