Is Your HR Team In The 79% Without Social Recruiting Technology?

In Deloitte’s 2014 Human Capital Trends Survey talent acquisition ranked as one of the top four most urgent issues facing business leaders with over half of respondents citing the pro-active building of a talent pool as a priority.

The most successful hiring solutions are supported by effective online recruitment strategies yet the survey revealed that only 21% of businesses have access to social recruiting technology.

Compare this with the facts below:-

  • Nearly three quarters of internet users have at least one active social media account.
  • 73% of jobseekers in the 18 – 34 age group secured their most recent position via a social network[1].

In order to create and nurture a talent pool HR must adopt successful online recruitment solutions supported by modern recruiting software.

Start with the following steps:-

Know your talent : Focus on the online recruitment platforms frequented by your targeted passive talent.  LinkedIn is often the automatic first choice for HR and recruiters but it has yet to engage the interest of millennials. While attention is focused on the launch of the Facebook at Work pilot, innovative employers are expanding their reach beyond the usual e-recruitment suspects.  The use of Instagram may be seen as a logical extension of your online recruitment strategy but social recruitment via Snapchat is already being mooted as an innovative way of attracting Generation Y. Today’s applicant tracking systems will provide essential data on the source of your most successful hires.

Be consistent : Talent pools must be carefully nurtured through regular engagement and prompt responses to questions raised via online recruitment channels. Social media posts will play a key part in establishing your brand authority. Every communication, from the posting of your job vacancy through to automated updates sent to talent in your pipeline must convey a consistent brand message. Choose recruiting software with the ability to provide personalised messages in order to avoid the ‘one size fits all’ job notification messages often dismissed as spam by discerning talent. Support your efforts with a recruitment management system that offers a seamless interface to a branded careers site.  

Build rapport : In order to successfully nurture a talent pool, HR must build rapport and establish trust. Passive talent wants to know what it’s really like to work for your company. Create a clear talent acquisition strategy with a compelling message. Define what it is that your prospective hires want to see and monitor communications with qualified candidates. Companies with formalised processes in place to manage candidate relationships through state-of-the-art applicant tracking software are 40% more likely to be ‘best in class’ employers[2].

Analyse your data : Monitor incoming traffic to your careers site to assess the effectiveness of your talent acquisition strategy. Modern recruiting software allows you to automatically identify your best online recruitment sources.   If your existing HR technology doesn’t offer that functionality upgrade your system to one that does

Why does recruiting software matter?

While you can implement a social recruitment strategy without taking advantage of the best recruiting technology available we wouldn’t recommend it.

Here’s why:-

  • A proven advantage : Research carried out by the Aberdeen Group revealed that the most successful talent acquisition strategies are supported by sophisticated recruiting software. This enables employers to achieve twice the number of business goals compared to companies who do not use talent recruitment systems.
  • Innovation in HR : Deloitte’s Capital Trends survey found that only 20% of companies leverage the advantages offered by recruiting software to create and nurture talent pools

Get ahead of the competition. Create a world beating talent acquisition strategy with world class recruitment software. Contact Advorto today.

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[1] Source : Aberdeen Group

[2] Source : Aberdeen Group

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