Is Your Company Culture Your Achilles' Heel?

US online retailer Zappos has recently hit the recruiting headlines for its uncompromising approach to company culture and retaining the talent it wants to keep. It may be controversial but for Zappos it works. As a result, 7% of its management left the company but Zappos’ leadership has clearly defined its culture, what it wants from its employees and how it intends to achieve it. 

What does culture mean to your business?

Culture, as described by Deloitte, can be your company’s competitive advantage or Achilles’ heel. With concerns over culture together with employee engagement topping this year’s Human Capital Trends survey it is a very real problem for global organisations. Here, we identify seven essential steps to transforming your company culture:-

Define and communicate your core values

Strong core values must underpin your company strategies and business goals, taking into account today’s evolving workforce and changes to traditional hiring methods. In defining your culture, flexibility, empowerment, development and mobility must play a significant role. The creation of a purpose driven culture which drives your talent acquisition strategy will empower your organisation to achieve its goals.

Lead by example

Business leaders must epitomise a company's culture, reflecting its values and driving them throughout the workforce. Think Richard Branson of Virgin who exemplifies the spirited culture of his brand or Google, which frequently tops ‘best places to work’ surveys.  The attitudes and behaviour of leaders define an organisation’s culture and directly affect its ability to attract passive talent.

Adapt to the new workforce

Employees must no longer be treated simply as ‘workers’ but as ‘volunteers’ according to Deloitte. The pressure is now firmly on business leaders to create a ‘compelling and enjoyable’ working environment. Understanding your workforce is essential too. Technology means the line between personal and professional is blurred. A move towards more flexible working is essential to attract millennials who will relocate for improved work/life balance according to the Harvard Business Review

Create a culture that exists beyond work

The most effective culture transcends the workplace, helps your best people to evolve at work and attracts new talent to your brand. HR Bartender, Sharlyn Larby recommends a corporate community rather than a corporate culture based on:-

  • Creating shared beliefs, experiences and traditions.
  • Building authentic relationships.
  • Supporting the other members of the community.

In this, the focus is on nurturing your people and looking beyond the numbers to what drives and empowers your most successful employees.

Promote authenticity, not perks

Retaining talent is about more than relying on perks. Having a happy hour on a Friday or the installation of a ‘nap room’ doesn’t instantly guarantee happier employees. Your culture must be grounded in a shared philosophy that your employees buy into. No amount of perks will disguise a lack of direction or cohesion among your employees. Today’s candidates demand transparency and authenticity from their future employers.

Understand your culture fit

Every new hire will enhance or detract from your organisation’s culture. Hiring for skills rather than culture fit means you risk losing talented individuals and increase your chances of a bad hire. Faced with a global talent shortage, PwC took the innovative step of eliminating ‘A’ level grades from its graduate recruitment screening process in order to expand its talent pool. Getting to know your existing teams and what success looks like in your business will drive the success of your talent acquisition strategy. Recruiting analytics will help you to identify your most successful sources of hire and streamline the hiring process but must be supported by online recruitment channels which echo your company culture.

Measure your success

Monitoring the effectiveness of your brand message and your ability to attract talent to your brand is critical to achieving business goals. Culture should be supported by systems that measure results to provide future indicators for success. Recruiting software empowers HR to maximise the potential to identify qualified candidates in your pipeline. Building a positive brand enables you to boost employee referrals, build talent pools and attract and retain high achievers for your business. 

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