Is 'Soft & Sloppy' Recruiting Software Stunting Your Growth?

Love it or hate it, recruiting software is an essential component for employers who are serious about meeting their performance objectives.    

The world is facing a talent shortage yet too many companies are finding their growth plans are hampered by talent recruitment systems that simply cannot support their hiring needs. Outdated recruiting software with a lack of reporting systems, insufficient integration and an over-reliance on Excel spreadsheets leave companies inhibited in their ability to attract, retain and engage with passive talent.  

This may be what HR writer Laurie Ruettimann means when she refers to ‘recruiting software that assumes its users are ‘soft and sloppy’.

To us, ‘soft and sloppy’ indicates recruitment management systems that fail to reduce your time to hire or enhance your candidate experience. Inadequate talent recruitment systems aren’t equipped with the latest in applicant tracking software which provide essential data on where your talent comes from and just why your hiring process isn’t working.

A sophisticated talent recruitment system addresses the following issues:-

It answers your ‘what, why and how’ : Employees may be familiar and comfortable with your existing recruiting software (or manual reporting systems) and its idiosyncrasies and therefore reluctant to change. Answering the questions ‘What, why and how’ will demonstrate the advantages of new talent recruitment systems. Choose a simplified system that is easy to roll out across HR.  

Implementation and updates : Cloud-based recruiting software solutions eliminate the need for physical installation of new systems.  Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are implemented rapidly, resulting in a minimal interruption to your hiring process.  Unlike traditional software, automatic updates are delivered through the cloud, eliminating the need for manual intervention or backing-up data.  With fixed monthly prices, ongoing costs are predictable too.   

Scalable : The best recruiting software adapts to the needs of your business. Larger organisations need recruitment technology to operate at the enterprise level - configured for their more complex needs and integrated with their HR and other data systems.

Global : Modern recruiting software offers in-built global capabilities allowing contributions from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, with comprehensive security, administration and infrastructure, recruitment management systems are easily deployed across all of your company locations.

Authority and visibility : Streamlined, sophisticated applicant tracking software allows hiring managers to easily share and view information on qualified candidates and vacancy progress.   Requisitions for new hires are quickly approved with vacancies shared instantly across online recruitment channels. Applicant tracking software enables HR departments to screen candidates and arrange interviews with no training required and ease of application.

For hiring managers with previous experience of ‘soft and sloppy’ recruiting software a degree of pessimism is understandable. The fact remains, however, that the introduction of the latest cloud-based recruitment management systems is the first step towards streamlined, cost effective hiring processes supported by consistent, reliable data.

Laurie Ruettimann recommends a ‘cloud based business application that makes communicating with peers a little easier’ incorporating the following elements (uniquely based on the principles of Grammarly):-

  • Simple user interface
  • Free and premium plans
  • Chrome extension – for a seamless experience
  • Good customer support

With employer branding coming to the fore in the war for talent, your recruiting software must provide a seamless interface for visitors to your careers website arriving through online recruitment feeds. Prioritise a registration of interest over the need for candidates to complete lengthy job application forms on their initial visit to encourage passive talent to engage with your brand.

Simplicity is the key.

Don’t allow soft and sloppy recruiting software to stunt your business growth.  To find out more about our:-

  • Scalable hiring solutions
  • Outstanding customer service
  • World class talent recruitment systems

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