Indeed, Linked In & The Quest For Global Domination

Two brand names frequently monopolise online recruitment discussions; Indeed and LinkedIn. Their respective quests for global domination were explored at length in a recent article on While both e-recruitment platforms play a part in talent acquisition, both have chinks in their armour.

Indeed : As a general rule, e-recruitment channels such as job boards and aggregators attract active job seekers in high volumes. This is ideal for multiple positions screened through applicant tracking systems but will rarely attract the passive talent that most employers seek.

LinkedIn : The role of LinkedIn in global talent acquisition strategies is undeniable. Recruitment management systems are designed to allow candidates to apply using their LinkedIn profile while LinkedIn company pages and groups play an integral role in engaging with passive talent via online recruitment channels. Yet as our previous article highlighted, LinkedIn has so far failed to capture the imagination of millennials.

Companies wishing to attract this upcoming generation of professionals – as well as passive talent indifferent to job boards - must seek alternatives.

What are those alternatives?

One was highlighted in CareerBuilder’s workforce resolutions for 2015; the importance of investing in a talent network or community.  The advantages of a talent pool are numerous:-

Reduced drop-out rate :  Candidate drop-out rates during the hiring process are alarming with surveys ranging from between 55%[1] to as high as 95%[2].  Stop the drain of talent from your pipeline with recruiting software that allows for a registration of interest without completing a complex application process. Take advantage of modern applicant tracking software to monitor the progress of candidate registrations. To encourage talent to complete the application process it’s vital that your online recruitment channels and your careers website are mobile optimised.

Reconnect with potential talent : Reconnecting with candidates who have previously expressed an interest in your brand shortens your hiring process. Invite them to submit applications and notify them of upcoming vacancies within your company.  Reconnecting with candidates was one of CareerBuilder’s key resolutions for 2015.

Ongoing engagement : Keep the conversation going with updates through e-recruitment and social media pages; the more relevant the topic the more talent you will attract. Ask questions and respond to the answers. Share company news and events, offer downloadable whitepapers on key issues. Post updates through your recruiting software and monitor the success of your progress through your applicant tracking system. Stay active and engaged.

Better fit for your brand : Candidates sourced through your e-recruitment efforts will be familiar with your brand and the types of positions you recruit. They will be more likely to pursue an opportunity as a degree of trust and awareness has already been established.

The final word goes to Deloitte who make the following recommendations for successful talent acquisition:-

Stay up-to-date with the latest in recruiting software : It will offer your company a competitive edge. Choose a recruitment management system delivered through the cloud for swift implementation and automated updates.

Understand what makes your people tick : Recruitment analytics available from your applicant tracking software will help you to understand where your most successful hires come from and why they stay. Without that your talent community will fail.

Get your brand right : It’s ultimately about leadership which means ‘being human’ and building reciprocal trust. Without those elements the best recruiting software won’t paper over the cracks in a faulty brand image. In the UK, it is a very real issue. Research carried out by the CIPD revealed a fundamental lack of trust in leadership across a number of companies, with HR being blamed for appointing leaders who have failed their employees

Indeed and LinkedIn will continue to dominate global recruitment discussions relating to online recruitment but there is no magic formula for successful talent acquisition. It ultimately comes down to brand and leadership. Get those right and the success of your online recruitment strategies will follow.

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[1] Source CEB

[2] Career Site Marketing Research 2012

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