If LinkedIn Isn't The Answer To Your Online Recruitment Strategy, What Is?

LinkedIn’s effectiveness as an online recruitment source is being challenged. A recent survey suggests that the majority of HR heads view the LinkedIn profiles of job applicants as ‘less honest than a CV’, with only 8% trusting them.  Recommendations and endorsements are also viewed with scepticism, with the latter seen as unreliable by nearly half of recruiters.  

A further finding of the survey is the disclosure that LinkedIn is often perceived by HR as ineffective when recruiting for senior roles (salaries in excess of £70,000). The lack of anonymity for candidates seeking new career opportunities is given as a major reason for this.  

If LinkedIn isn’t the one stop solution for your talent acquisition strategy then what is?

There’s no simple answer. LinkedIn offers many benefits to employers as part of an overall talent acquisition strategy, rather than the total solution.  Global e-recruitment sources such as LinkedIn and Indeed both have their strengths and weaknesses and we have previously noted LinkedIn’s limitations for companies trying to attract millennial talent. The effect of Facebook at Work is also yet to be seen.

Used effectively it can form a part of a successful overall talent acquisition strategy but to accomplish that HR must support its hiring efforts with the latest recruiting software. Here’s how:-

Incorporate social recruiting into your talent acquisition strategy : LinkedIn is one of the major online recruitment platforms. Together with other e-recruitment sites such as Twitter and Facebook, it plays an integral part in creating a positive image of your brand across e-recruitment channels. Once you understand your most successful sources of hire, modern applicant tracking software posts vacancies automatically to social networks and job boards for a more focused talent acquisition strategy. Data pulled from your recruitment analytics in your applicant tracking software will provide information on those sources.  

Pay attention to the candidate experience :  As companies compete for passive talent the candidate experience becomes increasingly important. A disorganised recruitment process reflects badly on brand image.  Support your talent acquisition strategy with sophisticated recruiting software which helps you to identify and engage consistently with qualified candidates, enables applicants to self schedule interviews and provides a seamless interface with your careers website.  Part of a successful candidate experience will be the ease of application. Modern talent recruitment systems allow applicants to apply using their LinkedIn profile, highlighting the importance of its role in today’s hiring solutions.  

Create a talent community : Employee referral programmes, online recruitment channels and social recruiting are integral to the creation of your own talent pool.  LinkedIn enables employers to engage with passive talent through posting in relevant groups and on company pages. Again, applicant tracking software will identify the quality of applicants sourced through specific sites.  The results will enable HR to focus efforts on the most appropriate platforms.

Carry out background checks : Irrespective of the perceived value of endorsements and recommendations, LinkedIn is instrumental in the pre-employment checks of applicants through e-recruitment channels. Both HR and recruiters habitually scan a candidate’s LinkedIn profile before making a decision on the final interview shortlist. Reviewing LinkedIn profiles should not replace effective background checks. Sophisticated recruiting software incorporates built-in links to accredited agencies to support formal checks.

LinkedIn will continue to play a role in the hiring solutions of global brands as part of a successful online recruitment strategy but should not be relied on exclusively. An effective hiring process attracts candidates from a broad spectrum of sources supported by the latest recruitment management systems.

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