HR Technology : Putting People First

Talent acquisition is evolving. As qualified candidates become harder to find, HR must concentrate its efforts on developing more robust hiring and employee engagement strategies supported by sophisticated recruitment management systems.

Josh Bersin of Deloitte expands on this idea, suggesting that today’s challenges are not ‘talent management’ but ‘people management’ issues.  In a recent article, he recommends that the new focus should be on ‘engagement, empowerment and environment’ with the emphasis on ‘engaging people’ rather than ‘managing talent’.  

Three ways of achieving this are:-

  • Provide an engaging ‘well-aligned’ working environment.
  • Offer learning and empowerment.
  • Create a ‘fun, productive’ environment.

All policies should be supported with modern recruiting software or ‘people management’ systems.

While it sounds straightforward in theory, a recent example involving luxury yacht manufacturer Sunseeker reveals the extent to which some companies are disconnected – and therefore disengaged - from their people. Shortly after announcing 240 redundancies, with a further 60 jobs at risk, Sunseeker issued a memo to its employees asking them to participate in a promotional video. The memo encouraged all employees to ‘smile and have fun’ at a time when morale was notable low.

With the pressure on HR to create the perfect candidate experience underpinned by a seamless online recruitment strategy, employee engagement is often neglected.

How can your company avoid a Sunseeker style disconnect and incorporate engagement within your talent acquisition strategy?

Get your brand right : With instant access to social media and the growing popularity of sites like Glassdoor disgruntled candidates and employees can instantly express their dissatisfaction with their employer. The Sunseeker example epitomises this point. Support employee engagement and hiring strategies with a recruitment management system that reflects your brand message through your careers site.  Integrated applicant tracking software will also allow you to pinpoint problems with your engagement strategy by identifying the points where talent leaves your pipeline. Exit interviews with departing employees will also prove invaluable.

Instil positive values from the top down : A survey published by The Institute of Leadership and Management cited ‘improved management’ as a key reason for employees changing jobs. Encourage an open, transparent culture that is communicated throughout your company and across online recruitment channels. Your employees are your best ambassadors and once engaged, an effective employee referral policy supported by modern recruiting software will be vital to your long-term success. 

Adapt to your talent : As millennials begin to dominate the workforce, engagement strategies must be adapted to acknowledge a multi-generational culture.  As we highlighted in a previous article online recruitment doesn’t necessarily include LinkedIn when it comes to millennials. Choose a recruiting software with a sophisticated applicant tracking system which allows you to track where your most successful hires come from come and monitors their progress through on-boarding too.

Allow for rapid change with cloud-based recruiting software: With HR technology evolving at a swift pace, a recruiting software package delivered in the cloud means updates and upgrades are automatically installed. HR can then focus its attention on engaging employees.

The debate over employee engagement, retention and the role of HR technology will continue throughout 2015. HR must ensure that talent acquisition and ‘people management’ is supported with the very best that recruiting software has to offer.

Don’t be a ‘Sunseeker’. Focus your resources on employee engagement that works by taking advantage of superlative recruiting software.  Advorto provides world class recruiting solutions to global organisations. Talk to us today.

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