HR Technology : Changing Your Perspective

Two opposing views seem to prevail in HR technology.

The first is the concern that recruiting software will completely dehumanise the recruitment process by removing all traces of the ‘human experience’. Some critics claim it has achieved this already which we argued against in our previous article Has Automated Recruitment Really Failed?

The other side of the coin suggests that sophisticated recruitment management systems will simply resolve all talent acquisition issues, acting like a magnet to attract qualified candidates to your organisation. Invest in the latest recruiting software and all of your problems are over.

The truth lies, as is often the case, somewhere in middle of those two viewpoints.

Megan Biro, writing in Forbes magazine emphasises the fact that technology is in essence a tool for companies to gain an enhanced strategic position. The article also highlights a survey which found that one third of companies are planning to increase their investment in HR technology in a number of areas, including:- 

That still leaves two thirds of companies reluctant to fully embrace technology in their hiring process, yet the advantages are well documented.  

A change of perspective may reduce this resistance allowing employers to view recruiting software as a key element of their overall strategy, rather than a disruptive one, for example:-

  • The most sophisticated recruitment management systems enhance and improve hiring strategies, allowing employers to focus on identifying and hiring talent.
  • Employers can leverage the power of recruitment management software to create their own talent communities typically through online recruitment systems and social media interactions.
  • Technology enables the ‘human’ element of HR to focus where it’s needed the most. The further you progress through your recruitment funnel, from initial candidate screening through to interview, the more the ‘human’ element comes into play.

We acknowledge that making that leap isn’t necessarily straightforward but the following ideas may help:-

Improve efficiency of your hiring process : The goal of every organisation – through its talent recruitment systems - is to identify, engage with, attract and retain the talent needed to fulfil its vision. That is the essence of recruitment.  Every employer wants to hire the best available talent in the fastest possible time. Recruiting software supports these efforts. The most effective enable you to recruit talent pools and identify and hire talent in the fastest possible time, plus they are scalable. 

Incorporate the latest technology into your hiring strategy : Mobile and online recruitment are here to stay, that’s unavoidable.  Take advantage of your recruiting software to make mobile recruitment, online recruitment and next year’s hottest trend – video recruitment - an integral part of your strategy. Choose a recruitment management software that incorporates posting to job boards, offering a mobile friendly careers site with an integrated applicant tracking software.

Leverage the benefits of applicant tracking software : Now is the time to review your hiring strategy in preparation for 2015.  Modern applicant tracking software enables HR to streamline processes, facilitates collaboration between different departments and helps you to identify your most successful recruitment channels.

Minimise ‘human’ delays : Busy hiring managers don’t have time to learn a complicated system. Choose a talent recruitment system with a built-in hiring manager portal allowing easy posting of vacancies, candidate screening and the ability to quickly arrange interviews.  Delays in the hiring process risk the loss of talent waiting in the pipeline.

Fine-tune the candidate experience : Reviewing and refining the candidate experience is an ongoing process. Without a positive candidate experience your company will fail to attract and retain the talent it needs. Effective implementation of HR technology is integral to leaving a positive impression on applicants. The most successful brands tap into their recruiting software to create talent communities and engage with that talent every step of the way.

Review employment metrics : Your recruiting software must improve efficiency in your hiring process. Applicant tracking software will enable you to set the metrics and standards that represent success to your organisation, assess your progress using the data available within the system and adjust as necessary.   

Change your perspective on HR technology. Contact Advorto today to find out how our world class recruiting software can enhance your ability to attract the talent your organisation needs to succeed.

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