HR Tech Remedies For Your HR Headaches

To adapt the words of Laurie Ruettimann ahead of this week’s HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, ‘bad HR technology gives HR a headache’. With that in mind, and featuring some of our favourite tweets and quotes from the conference, we present essential HR tech remedies for some of HR’s most common headaches:-

Human beings are horribly unreliable raters of other human beings - Marcus Buckingham

As hard as hiring managers try they are, like all of us, susceptible to personal viewpoints that aren’t reliable indicators when evaluating and assessing your candidate shortlist. Data driven decisions provided by people analytics and recruitment software reduce your risk of a bad hire and streamline your overall hiring process.

44% of adults subscribe to job alerts - Indeed

According to global jobsite Indeed, 44% of adults subscribe to job alerts. Encourage prospective hires to sign-up for your alerts with a registration of interest, to increase your chances of capturing the data of passive talent visting your careers site.

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Almost one third of applicants never hear back after applying for a job - Maria Winans

A lack of response damages your employer brand. An automated acknowledgement on receipt of an application should be a given. Set up personalised messages to promote a positive employer brand. HR needs to change its perspective and regard candidates not as ‘job applicants’ but as consumers. When was the last time you put yourself through your company’s application process? How would you rate that process on a scale of 1 to 10? This is the early stage of the candidate experience and will affect your ability to attract talent.

One in three people check their mobile devices every 10 minutes - Maria Winans

A mobile resistant careers site means passive talent will abandon your vacancy in favour of a mobile friendly employer. Allow jobseekers to apply via mobile using their LinkedIn profile, CV or the aforementioned registration of interest.

It’s not an issue of features, it’s capabilities - Josh Bersin

How functional, how practical, how capable is your HR technology? All too often HR does not understand the full extent of the capabilities of its recruitment software.

Big data shouldn’t be one of your HR headaches - CareerBuilder

Nearly three quarters of HR professionals understand the importance of HR technology but only 17% are using it. As much as big data should not cause HR a headache, nor should your HR software. The following additional statistics on talent acquisition highlight the benefits of embracing HR technology and people analytics in your hiring process:-

  • ‘Best in class’ companies attract more talent and are 21% more likely to invest in the best available recruitment software.
  • Companies using data say their new hires are 9% more likely to’ exceed expectations’ at performance reviews. Hiring managers are also twice as likely to express satisfaction with new hires.
  • Those best in class brands not only attract more talent but are 24% more likely to create talent communities.

To provide clarity:-

  • Define the purpose and the focus of your recruitment software. For businesses new to HR technology, the ability to identify basic metrics such as your time to hire and cost of hire is a great starting point.
  • Understand the mission and vision of your business and HR’s role in achieving your goals.  
  • What are the cultural values of your company? These values will underpin every aspect of your hiring process, from your careers site and social media posts to your candidate experience and onboarding.
  • How have you achieved your success? What attracted your most successful hires to your business? Why do they stay?

These are the first steps towards redefining your talent acquisition strategy and recovering from those prolonged HR headaches, supported by the best recruitment software available.

By 2020 it’s estimated that a third of all data will pass through the cloud. Select cloud-based software that is easily accessible, stored in one place and regularly updated.

Resolve your HR headaches with sophisticated HR technology. Advorto’s recruitment software provides workflow and structure across the entire hiring process, offering a dynamic database of candidates and analytics. Used by some of the world’s leading organisations, it provides a straightforward first step into HR analytics and big data.

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