How Effective Is Your Applicant Tracking Software?

As recruitment technology continues its inexorable evolution, recruitment standards are evolving with it.  With growing numbers candidates sharing their experience on career sites the pressure is on to promote a positive company culture and ensure a superlative candidate experience for all of your applicants – and that’s just the starting point.

A successful talent acquisition strategy means having the best recruiting software to meet your company’s needs. At the very least this means the use of an effective applicant tracking system (ATS) but what will that offer you? Here we’ve highlighted the essential features your applicant tracking software should be bringing to your hiring process.

Mobile friendly

A study last year by CareerBuilder revealed that 40% of mobile candidates leave the application process if it’s not mobile friendly.  As the use of mobile devices for job applications continues to soar, you can guarantee that figure has soared with it.  Candidates are seeking a process that is quick, responsive and easily accessible.  Your recruiting software should be fully mobile enabled offering full functionality for both candidates and hiring managers on all mobile devices. 

Enables automated social sharing

Once a vacancy is entered into the system an applicant tracking system will share that listing with relevant search engines, social media platforms and even job boards. Posting your job to a number of different channels is achieved in just a few clicks through your recruitment software. If you’re still spending precious time manually posting your adverts across your online recruitment networks, you need to consider an alternative ATS which will meet your hiring needs.  

Manages your careers page on your website

Once your new vacancies are entered, your applicant tracking system will post the listings to your careers page on your website. Again, updating your careers site is handled with a simple click rather than a time-consuming process of manually inputting the details numerous times.

Tracks and prioritises candidates

Forget complicated spreadsheets.  Whether you’re tracking just 5, 10 or 50 applicants, it’s impossible to monitor the stage each candidate has reached without an effective applicant tracking software. Part of a positive candidate experience is to minimise delays at every stage of the hiring process while maintaining continuous engagement with the talent in your pipeline. The right recruiting software will instantly inform you of the status of all applicants as well as identify your essential next steps. This enables beleaguered HR departments to track the top talent at all times.

Reduces the applicants to a manageable number

Companies like Google receive up to 75,000 applications every week.  While you may not be overwhelmed to that extent, the number of CVs you review should ultimately be manageable. Modern applicant tracking software utilises a detailed scoring function which automatically ranks a candidate based on a comparison of information on both the job description and the application.  If your ATS still leaves you with dozens of CVs to sift through, it’s not doing its job.  According to Forbes, your applicant tracking software can reduce your applicant numbers by 75%. Wouldn’t that be easier?

It’s in the cloud

The more traditional applicant tracking systems need the input of an IT team to ensure they are effectively maintained.  If the system gets overwhelmed, it’s likely to crash at a crucial moment losing your precious talent with it.  The most effective applicant tracking systems are cloud based solutions that don’t require in-house software, are delivered as SaaS solutions and are compatible with all popular HRIS and ERP systems.  Cloud based applicant tracking software can also be accessed easily via smart devices.  It also alleviates the need for HR managers to upgrade systems every year to keep technology up-to-date.

How effective is your current recruiting software? Advorto’s talent recruitment systems can help your company to recruit better people faster.  Talk to us today. 

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