How Cool Is Your Talent Acquisition Strategy?

2015 is the year of the candidate.  With counter offers on the rise [1] HR will be required to create a positive, brand message to attract passive candidates into their talent recruitment systems.

How can your brand differentiate itself from the competition as the employment market heats up?  J T O’Donnell’s recent article on LinkedIn highlights a vital ingredient in successful talent acquisition.

The importance of being cool.  

For cool, read authentic.

What is clear from the article is that the key to successfully communicating your ‘coolness’ lies in your recruiting software.  Here we explore some of those hiring solutions essential to your authenticity, together with a few of our own:-

Your website is outdated : Top talent checks out your brand via your online recruitment and social media channels before submitting an application. Your careers website must present a contemporary message.  A worn out brand image (and a 'website that looks like it was built in 1990') that hasn’t evolved in the last ten years will deter talent from exploring your opportunities. Choose recruiting software that supports your message, allowing a seamless interface between your recruitment management systems and careers website. If you are serious about being cool, a mobile friendly site is a given.

Ease of application :  Your recruiting software must give passive candidates a choice of applying via their LinkedIn profile, uploading a CV or simply registering their interest. Once in your applicant tracking system, HR can monitor the ongoing interest of potential talent with regular updates through online recruitment, social media and scheduled SMS updates.

Personality free social media : Social media pages that are inactive or fail to respond to tweets or Facebook comments give an impression or a faceless, lacklustre HR team. Regular monitoring is essential to reassure talent that your company is cool (authentic) by responding to enquiries and comments quickly and honestly.  

Lack of credibility : If you’re getting it right, an online search will reveal positive stories about candidate experiences and your brand on sites like Glassdoor. If that search reveals a lack of newsworthy articles or glowing feedback, the problem may lie in your candidate experience or an ineffective hiring timeline.

Anonymous HR teams : Talented candidates like to know who they are dealing with. Recruiting software which allows the use of your company logo to create a branded e-mail reinforces your commitment to a positive brand image. With sophisticated recruitment management systems this extends to e-mails and text messaging too. As Ms O’Donnell suggests in her article, these should be supported with comprehensive LinkedIn profiles.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : Millennials are looking for more than an improved package in their next career move. Prospective employers should demonstrate clear moral values and a meaning beyond profit. Your online recruitment portals should convey your commitment to CSR in your branding and content.

Effective screening : Your hiring criteria must be clearly defined in your applicant tracking software in order to check the progress of passive candidates in your talent recruitment system.  Your company cannot afford to unwittingly reject passive talent for failing to match a minor keyword in their CV.

Successful leadership : In the final analysis, coolness and authenticity depends on successful HR leadership. For that we refer you to Laurie Ruettimann’s article on the 4 Ways To Be Successful ln HR. In summary, HR must:-

  • Be dependable and reliable.
  • Not seize the limelight for themselves.
  • Avoid being overly political.
  • Embrace diversity.

Let’s be clear on one point. Without a positive company culture and online recruitment presence, our recommendations won’t improve the success of your talent acquisition strategy. 

The most successful brands promote their culture, including its values, team members and business vision, across their website and e-recruitment channels.  They want to encourage great candidates to explore their opportunities, rather than those of their competitors, by providing a compelling reason for passive talent to move beyond the registration process.  

The best brands are cool – and authentic.

Create your own authentic hiring experience with Advorto’s world class recruiting software. Be cool. Talk to us today.

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[1] Source : CIPD

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