Hiring Solutions : Does Your Careers Site Tick All The Boxes?

Your careers site is one of the most powerful tools in your company’s talent acquisition strategy. Get it right and your hiring process will flourish. Get it wrong and it will falter at the final hurdle.

Too many businesses still overlook the vital role played by their careers site in attracting talent to their brand. To be successful it must be supported by modern recruiting software and offer substantially more than a vacancy board.  

How many of the following boxes does yours tick?

Clear brand message : Today’s talent is looking for more than just a job. They are seeking an employer with similar values to their own. To encourage prospective candidates to apply for a job they must have a clear understanding of what it’s like to work for your company. Your careers site, support by your recruitment management systems, must provide that, from a picture of your working environment to your company goals and information on their future co-workers.

Relevant content : To be an effective part of your online recruitment strategy, your careers page must offer more than a list of available jobs. This is an ideal opportunity to tell your story and provide a compelling reason for talent to find out more. Include podcasts, videos and positive quotes from reviews taken from online recruitment sites such as Glassdoor. Your content must allow visitors to decide for themselves whether or not you are an employer they want to work for. Be clear on the value you place on your employees and the things that matter, such as career development opportunities and benefits over and above a basic salary.

A clean interface : A seamless transition between your corporate site and your careers site is essential. Candidates arriving at your careers site through social media and other online recruitment channels will expect to find a well presented, visually compelling site with your company logo clearly visible. Sophisticated recruiting software with an integrated applicant tracking system provides an imperceptible interface to a branded careers site. 

Call-to-action : Once you have the attention of potential candidates, a subtle call-to-action will enable you to capture contact details for your applicant tracking system. Passive talent needs more than an ‘apply now’ button. Offer relevant career advice, white papers and webinars that require an e-mail address. Encourage ongoing engagement with a registration of interest or the ability for prospective candidates to sign up for ongoing job alerts. With contact details safely stored in your recruiting software the foundations are now in place to build a talent pool.

User friendly : Your careers site must be user friendly and easily navigable, supported by recruiting software with an integrated applicant tracking system to track the source of candidates arriving on your site. Relevant information must be easily accessible and no more than one click away. The application process must be straightforward with the facility to upload a CV or LinkedIn profile. Provide a clear link to your careers page on your corporate home page and above all, provide full functionality for candidates using mobile devices.

Easy sharing : Make it easy for candidates to easily engage with your brand by integrating your social media channels within your careers site. Modern recruitment management systems also allow for easy sharing of vacancies across social media and other e-recruitment networks.

Be innovative : Google is the epitome of a great careers site at work. Television channel ITV offers a LinkedIn networking tool as part of its online recruitment strategy. Prospective candidates can instantly see who they are connected to within the organisation making it easier to reach out or connect with those individuals. Be innovative. Your careers site is key to your ability to building a successful talent acquisition strategy.

To attract the talent your company needs your careers site must be an extension of your culture and brand supported by sophisticated talent recruitment systems. Advorto’s world class recruiting software helps global businesses to develop effective hiring solutions. Make sure your careers site ticks all of the boxes. Contact us today.

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