Hiring Solutions : Are Job Boards Redundant?

Have job boards had their day? As the first place many jobseekers go to, their strength is in attracting active candidates but for employers seeking more robust hiring solutions, they are unlikely to produce sought after talent.

Online recruitment experts have long predicted that social media and sites like LinkedIn will gradually render job boards redundant. US retail giant Zappo’s decision to cease posting vacancies on job boards due to the lack of quality hires seem to support this. Research carried out by the Aberdeen Group also ranked them as the least successful e-recruitment source for new hires[1].

For hiring managers in search of the best available talent, they are often perceived as superfluous to requirements.

Are active candidates really so bad?

Having said that, is attracting active candidates really such a bad thing?

Not according to a recent article on TLNT which highlights the following advantages of hiring active candidates in favour of passive talent:-

  • Active candidates are self-motivated. They recognise they are working in a negative culture and take steps to get out of it
  • They take responsibility for finding themselves a better job rather than wait for recruiters to approach them.  
  • They are risk takers – willing to leave the relative security of their current position.
  • Active candidates are more visible – and therefore less likely to accept counter offers. As a result they cost less to hire.  

Every hiring manager will find numerous active candidates in their applicant tracking systems.  Accurate screening will allow you to identify the most qualified of those candidates but where does that leave the future of job boards?

The future of job boards?

A recent article on HRExaminer predicts that the evolution of e-recruitment will see employers combining the best of the job board functions (such as job postings and CVs) with screening, recruitment analytics and candidate management.  While that evolution is underway, sophisticated recruitment management systems will enable HR to achieve this balance.

In the meantime, job boards are responding by becoming more industry specific or providing additional services such as career advice to jobseekers.  Employers can enhance their experience of job boards by fine-tuning their job posting to attract more relevant candidates:-

  • Identify qualifications and industry experience essential to the job and focus on specific keywords when screening candidates through your applicant tracking system.
  • Include technical and soft skills for the best culture fit. Where have your best people come from? Recruitment analytics will provide that information and enable HR to build a picture of the person who will ideally fill that role. 
  • What drives your ideal candidate and why would they apply to your vacancy? What stage in their career will they be at? Knowing the answers to these key questions will also improve the success of your long-term talent acquisition strategy.
  • Take advantage of your applicant tracking systems to screen out unsuitable candidates with questions such GNDs (gross negative qualifiers). Advorto’s system allows the creation of ‘company wide’ GNDs, as well as vacancy specific questions. Job boards will produce available candidates who want your job – which is their biggest advantage.

Limit your job boards

Active job seekers will post their CVs across a number of job boards. Consider limiting your use of job boards to those that have produced the best candidates. Modern recruiting software will allow you to assess where your best (and worst) candidates come from. Applicant tracking systems will provide accurate data on the most effective job boards for specific vacancies and skills.

With the domination of Indeed and LinkedIn, job boards in one shape or form will continue to play a role in global hiring solutions.  Take advantage of Advorto’s world class recruiting software to combine the strengths of your talent sources. Contact Advorto today.

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[1] Source : Personnel Today 

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