Hiring Solutions : And The Award Goes to ...

Successful hiring solutions require HR to adapt recruitment techniques to individual vacancies; the most successful leverage a combination of talent sources. With a nod to the awards season which is currently upon us, here are our ‘best in category’ for specific candidate sourcing needs.

Employee Referrals : Best For Highly Qualified Candidates

Employee referrals lie at the heart of all successful talent recruitment systems with the most accomplished brands sourcing up to 50% of their new hires through referrals.  Motivated employees are best placed to identify qualified talent, with referred candidates twice as likely to secure a job interview and 40% more likely to be hired than candidates from other sources[1].  Supported with effective recruiting software, employee referrals offer results and increased engagement with candidates recommended by your most successful, trusted people. 

For maximum results create an incentivised referral programme supported by recruiting software that makes it easy for employees to share your vacancy across their personal social networks.  To improve your hiring success, remember that many referred candidates are passive. Create a fast-track programme with specific referral tagging through your applicant tracking software to monitor their progress. 

Talent Communities : Best For Engaging With Passive Talent

As we move towards a candidate driven market employers must create talent communities through their e-recruitment channels. Engage consistently with potential candidates by reflecting a positive, inspirational culture offering ongoing career development opportunities and a focus on ‘engaging people’.  

Choose recruiting software that offers a ‘registration of interest’ facility rather than a complicated online form, supported by an applicant tracking system to monitor interactions with potential talent.  With qualified candidates becoming harder to find, employers must also consider hiring without a specific need when passive talent becomes available. If you don’t, your competitors will. One final point – a mobile friendly hiring process is a ‘must-have’ for companies serious about recruiting top talent. 

Social Media : Best For Creating A Positive Brand Image

Social media is essential for both e-recruitment success and the creation of talent communities. HR managers must remember, however, that not all social media recruitment is the same! LinkedIn is the online recruitment channel of choice for most brands but has its limitations. 

Employers must adapt to an evolving workforce by leveraging the advantages of e-recruitment strategies on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, among others.  When posting vacancies, support your online recruitment efforts with recruiting software that posts your vacancies instantly across your social media pages and allows applicants to apply using their LinkedIn profile.

Job Boards : Best For Active Jobseekers

Job boards such as Indeed and Monster are ideal for attracting active candidates and have a role to play in a company’s overall talent acquisition strategy.  Get the most from your job boards by choosing your keywords carefully and selecting the job boards which have proven to be the most successful. Your applicant tracking software will provide this information.

Careers Website : Best For Sealing The Deal

Today’s talent has multiple career options at its fingertips. A positive employer brand is equally as important as the vacancies on offer (if not more). As your careers website is the final destination for many candidates through online recruitment channels - and a research resource for discerning talent - it must be compelling.  Support your brand message with a recruitment management system that offers a positive candidate experience. 

Create an Oscar-winning talent acquisition strategy for your brand. Contact Advorto today to discover the most appropriate hiring solutions for your business.

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[1] Source : www.undercoverrecruiter.com


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