Has Automated Recruiting Really Failed?

A recently published Forbes article suggested that automated recruiting has failed.  At Advorto, we provide recruitment software for a number of leading global organisations. You would naturally expect us to argue that the most effective recruiting software and applicant tracking systems will improve your talent acquisition strategy – and they will.

Here’s why:-

Ease of application

The article in Forbes understandably takes ‘talent repelling job application portals’ to task but not all recruiting software is the same.  Modern talent recruitment systems take that into account and enable candidates to register their interest in a vacancy, allowing them to return later to complete the application.  With a suitable applicant tracking system, HR teams can quickly identify potential talent who didn’t return to complete the application or abandoned it part-way through the process. Used effectively, recruiting software allows organisations to engage more effectively with talent, rather than ‘repel’ it.

Communication made personal

Writing for CareerBuilder earlier this week, HR specialist Tim Sackett refers to the candidate experience as ‘HR’s biggest lie’, explaining that 99% of applicants are happy with a thorough communication plan that is adhered to at all times.  As he rightly asserts, ‘most applicant tracking systems can automate this entire plan.’  Investing in recruiting software that allows employers to automate the implementation of best hiring practices ensures that all candidates receive a response to their application, rather than being dropped into what Tim Sackett refers to as the ‘black hole’ in the recruitment cycle. This automation allows HR teams to consistently engage with applicants by sending updates on the progress of the vacancy and their application.  Today’s sophisticated talent recruitment systems mean employers can personalise the whole process and improve the vital elements of the candidate experience.

A boost to employee retention levels

Employers can take advantage of their recruitment management systems to improve employee retention levels, which really begins at the start of the hiring process. Effective applicant tracking software will ensure that the experience of applicants is consistent throughout the process, ensuring a higher chance of job acceptance and successful onboarding. 

Sophisticated ATS screening

Automated recruitment isn’t solely about the reliance on screening for keywords through applicant tracking systems. The most sophisticated recruiting software allows for more focused screening, for example killer questions known as ‘Gross Negative Disqualifiers’ which also allow applicants to assess their suitability for a vacancy too. GNDs are created by employers and are specific both to the vacancy as well as wider company criteria. Rather than failing to screen effectively, the latest applicant tracking systems offer a tailored initial screening process to improve efficiency in the hiring process.

It comes down to branding

State-of-the-art recruiting software cannot compensate for a poorly communicated brand message or a toxic company culture. Regardless of the arguments for and against applicant tracking systems, the success of your talent acquisition strategy comes down to getting both of those aspects right.  From a candidate's first encounter with your brand via social media or an initial visit to your careers website your message must be consistent. An efficient talent recruitment system can reinforce that by allowing personalised company branding on your careers website and in your automated communications.

Recruiting software is key to successful hiring

A successful talent acquisition strategy takes time, investment and commitment to the best recruitment practices. 

The most effective recruiting software will complement those efforts by:-

  • Streamlining HR processes
  • Reducing time-to-hire
  • Reducing cost-of-hire
  • Improving employee retention levels
  • Posting vacancies to social media and job boards
  • Engaging with talent communities

When used effectively, automated recruiting enhances the recruitment process, allowing organisations to recruit better people faster. As a provider of world-class software, we’re here to address your concerns over automated recruiting. Talk to us today.

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