Expanding your candidate reach

Talent Acquisition : 5 Easy Ways To Expand Your Candidate Reach

Around one third of all employers frequently complain about the lack of suitable applicants as one of the main reasons for the talent shortages within their company.  While there is no overnight solution to a struggling talent acquisition strategy, perplexed employers can begin to expand their candidate reach by adopting some straightforward changes. 

Review your job adverts

An objective review of your job adverts will quickly reveal the obvious reasons you are failing to attract quality candidates.  Would you apply for your job (honestly)? The most effective job adverts include an eye catching headline, detailed information on the challenges of the vacancy and clear performance objectives.  Combine some creative thinking with keywords to maximise the responses to your advert and include a clear call-to-action to encourage applications.

Assess your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Why should the top talent work for your company rather than your competitors? Why do your high achievers stay loyal to your company? (assuming they do).  The answer to this question will enable you to fine tune your talent acquisition strategy by defining your EVP.  If your company doesn’t have an EVP an employee satisfaction survey will enable you to create one.  Be warned, if you are experiencing problems recruiting and retaining talent it may also reveal some of the reasons behind this! An EVP can be effectively used in your overall talent acquisition strategy to positively influence your target candidates – as well as your existing employees – and can be integrated within your recruitment management systems.   When you get it right your EVP will reflect your company’s competitive advantage and increase your ability to attract the top talent – which is ultimate what every employer wants.  

Ensure your recruitment software is compatible with mobile devices 

The importance of mobile friendly career sites and application processes can’t be over-estimated.  The use of mobile devices during job searches is at an all-time high and will continue to rise.  An estimated one billion searches per month are carried out on mobile devices and by 2016 it is anticipated that the number of mobile phones will exceed the entire population of the planet.  Despite this, companies are slow to catch on to the advantage that a mobile optimised system gives them against their competitors.  If you want an instant advantage in the talent race, this is it.

Improve the overall candidate experience

It’s a widely recognised fact that a poor candidate experience will result in lost talent.  While the debate on how to improve the overall candidate experience could take up another article in itself, there are some immediate adjustments every employer can make.  For example, take advantage of your applicant tracking system to advise candidates of the success of their application or keep in touch.  One of the most frequently heard complaints from job seekers is the lack of response to their application once submitted. Don’t be that employer! The simple act of automatically sending out responses at specific stages will improve the overall candidate experience.  Even an automated response is an improvement on silence. 

Check your online reviews

One of the reasons your talent acquisition strategy may be failing is the growing influence of websites like Glassdoor, which was highlighted by the CIPD last year.  Glassdoor allows candidates to publish anonymous reviews of a company’s hiring processes, including ‘warts and all’ details of their interview experiences.  Meanwhile, employees are also free to air their candid opinions of what it’s really like to work for your company.  If your reviews are less than glowing, the top talent will look elsewhere.  While Glassdoor may be perceived as a threat to some, employers who are confident in their talent acquisition strategies turn it to their advantage by encouraging jobseekers to view their ratings on the site.


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