Engaged Employees: The Secret To Successful Talent Management

Employee engagement is one of the most overlooked aspects of talent management yet it is one of the most critical elements of business success. Without engaged and happy employees, a company risks reduced productivity levels, lower profits and higher staff turnover.  Employee engagement – or the lack of it – is also a direct reflection on your company culture.

Engaged employees will help to boost your talent acquisition strategy, particularly for companies with an effective employee referral scheme in place.  Fast growth organisations, high performing businesses and start-up companies all recognise that engaged talent is the key to growth.  You may have the best applicant tracking systems and recruitment management software at your disposal but without a solid employee engagement policy in place, your efforts will fail to produce the results you crave.

While there is no quick fix, the following strategies offer a starting point:-

Take an employee survey

It’s not all about money.  Employees thrive on incentives such as career development opportunities, motivational leadership, the chance to learn new skills and a sense that their role contributes towards the overall goals of the company.

The most effective way to discover which elements are missing in your organisation is to carry out an employee survey asking for specific feedback on jobs and company culture. For instance:-

  • How do your employees view their manager’s performance, communication and overall behaviour? 
  • Do they understand the company vision?
  • Do they feel supported by their line manager and colleagues?
  • Are they properly trained to meet the requirements of their job?
  • What are their views on career development within your organisation?
  • How do they feel about their work/life balance?

Decide how you will respond to the feedback and communicate the results clearly, providing regular updates on the changes you are putting in place to improve company culture.

To ensure candid responses, all feedback should be anonymous.

Carry out exit interviews

For companies battling with a talent exodus, exit interviews are essential if you are to avoid repeating the same errors when hiring their replacements. This is fundamental to the future success of your talent acquisition strategy.  You will probably discover that their responses echo the outcome of your employee survey.

Reward employees for outstanding work

Recognising outstanding performance publicly goes a long way to boosting morale and in turn improving employee engagement levels. Employee of the month awards, letters of recommendation and team bonuses for exceeding expectations will all motivate employees to achieve. Give them something to be proud of and a reason to personally invest in your company. The results will speak for themselves.

Review your training

Poorly trained employees will fall short of the requirements of the jobs they are employed to do.  Identify the skills gaps in your teams to help you to create an effective training programme. Employees who are properly trained deliver results. The introduction of a mentoring system will also assist your training efforts. 

Reinforce a positive culture at all times

Businesses with engaged employees who understand the company’s brand values, overall vision and their part in it will be driven to succeed. Engaging your workforce is a necessary step towards the implementation of an effective talent acquisition strategy - and ultimately long-term business growth.  



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