Integrated Recruitment Software: 3 Tips For Effective Hiring

Today’s hiring processes are complex. From the creation of a talent pool to ensuring a positive candidate experience and building a recruitment funnel that works, recruitment is becoming one long list of individual tasks that somehow need slotting together.

An integrated recruitment software solution consolidates all of these tasks, taking all of the disparate segments of your hiring process and combining them into one source.

Use an integrated recruiting software to boost your hiring process in three easy ways:-

Integrate employee referrals with your social media platforms

Today’s buzz is all about the role of social media in attracting talent and without doubt it plays a vital role. In the rush to post vacancies on social media platforms, however, employers often overlook the number one talent source for external hires – employee referrals.  Take advantage of your applicant tracking system to tap into this potential talent pool.  The most effective recruitment management systems integrate seamlessly with your social media platforms and make it easy for your employees to share advertised vacancies within their networks. Referring a vacancy takes just one straightforward click of a mouse. 

Combine recruitment marketing with your job board promotions         

Effective recruitment marketing focuses on promoting your employer brand and attracting talent to your candidate pipeline.  Ideally, candidates should easily be able to access more information about both your culture and your brand.  Your recruiting software will enhance your recruitment marketing by publishing vacancies automatically to both job boards and your careers website. Before publishing, ensure your job descriptions include all relevant keywords to attract qualified candidate into your talent recruitment system. Will the applicants you need be searching for your keywords? Identifying the right keywords is essential to enable you to screen CVs effectively through your applicant tracking system, as well as attracting talented candidates. Include keywords naturally within a relevant, engaging job advert that reiterates your brand’s core values and company culture.  An integrated recruiting software means you can post your vacancies quickly and easily while tracking the talent in your pipeline at all times through your applicant tracking system.

Integrate your applicant tracking system with a recruiting CRM

It’s not all about the numbers. A great applicant tracking system will help you to monitor the progress of the talent moving through your pipeline but there’s more to it than that. To maintain their interest and prevent them from being distracted by your competition, you must consistently engage with the candidates in your pipeline. By reiterating a positive company culture and keeping the lines of communication open, you will enhance your ability to attract the top performers. Effective recruitment management systems allow you to both track your candidates and connect with the high achievers. 

Not every candidate will be a perfect fit for your current job but a positive impression and clear, consistent communication will provide a ready-made talent bank of enthusiastic candidates the next time a vacancy arises within your organisation.  Your talent recruitment system will enable you to tap into this talent pool and invite the most suitable candidates to apply for future opportunities. In the meantime, take advantage of your recruiting software and post regular updates to maintain their interest.

Recruitment is serious business. Don’t allow talent to slip through the cracks in your pipeline.   Take advantage of our world class recruiting software to recruit better people faster. Talk to Advorto today.    

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