E-Recruitment : 3 Easy Ways To Get Started

The e-recruitment strategy of many organisations consists of a careers site listing current job vacancies, regular social media updates and postings on industry specific job boards. As part of an effective talent acquisition strategy it isn’t enough. The latest figures revealed by REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) suggest that the current jobs boom is at risk due to a skills shortage. The need to attract talent is becoming increasingly more urgent and a comprehensive online recruitment strategy is the key to success.  

That’s easier said than done of course. Tacking the challenges of creating an effective online recruitment strategy in a rapidly changing world is daunting for most employers.  How can you promote a positive brand image that will appeal to multi-generational candidates across a broad spectrum of audiences?

The following tips will provided a platform for you to launch your own e-recruitment strategy:-

Reach out via mobile

Mobile recruitment must form a vital part of your company’s e-recruitment strategy to connect with talent.  It’s estimated that almost 50% of job searches in the UK are now carried out on a mobile device which includes passive candidates. A survey carried out by LinkedIn last year also revealed that 74% of active candidates and 60% of passive candidates use their mobile devices to check career opportunities sent to their e-mail, with 45% applying for a job via a mobile device. 

Without a mobile optimised careers site, you will lose prospective talent at the first stage of the recruitment process, ie, during the log-in process. Your online recruitment strategy must ensure that candidates can easily access your job listings via their mobile device. In turn your careers website should be fully optimised for access via mobile devices.

Recruiting software which offers full functionality for both hiring managers and candidates will help you to connect with those candidates and maintain consistency in your user experience.

Create content that connects

Providing the information and content that your target candidates want to know about is crucial to the success of your online recruitment strategy, as well as your talent acquisition strategy.  To do this means you must understand exactly what type of content will attract the talent your organisation needs.

The key way to answer that question is to understand your company’s USP. How do you separate yourself from the competition in attracting talent to your job adverts? With the UK workforce now spanning four generations of job seekers, decide which sector you are targeting and adjust your online recruitment strategy accordingly.  Use images, links, webinars and videos to persuade and attract the skillsets and talent you need.  An applicant tracking system supported by a comprehensive recruitment management software will help with this approach.

Don’t under-estimate the role that effective content plays in your e-recruitment strategy.  Passive candidates are able to evaluate your brand message through their social media channels, careers website and online presence. Employers who fail to engage with active and passive candidates will fall behind in the race for talent.

Ensure a great candidate experience

We’ve said it before and we’ll no doubt say it again but improving the candidate experience must form part of your ongoing e-recruitment strategy. The heat is on well before your recruitment campaign begins.  Potential applicants should be treated like customers from the moment they land on any of your online recruitment channels. Every single post, whether on your careers website or your social media pages should be consistent with your company’s core values and brand message. 

What are your tips for implementing a great online strategy?

Developing your e-recruitment strategy so it reflects your brand message to appeal to the talent your company needs is easier with an effective recruitment management system. Advorto’s recruitment software is the easiest way to management your recruitment process.  Recruit better people faster.  Contact us today. 

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