E-recruitment : 5 Ways For Your Job Post To Stand Out From The Crowd

Whatever you may think of them, job boards – or one particular job board - remain an integral part of global hiring solutions. Latest figures confirm that Indeed has reinforced its standing as indispensable to the online recruitment strategy of global employers. The following statistics provide some insight:-

  • 16 million job postings every year.
  • 8.2 jobs posted every second.
  • Twice the global traffic of other job sites.

LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Survey highlights the continued role of job sites specifically within small businesses as they offer a means of attracting candidates with minimal effort.

If job sites are an integral part of your e-recruitment strategy, try the tips below to stand out from the crowd and attract more qualified applicants to your next vacancy:-

Be realistic with your job title

Quirky headlines and attention grabbing job titles may encourage job seekers to click on to your post through e-recruitment channels but your talent acquisition strategy must focus on substance.  Candidate search and applicant tracking software search for standard job titles. An offbeat job title will also undermine your credibility with talented candidates who take their next career move seriously.

Provide detail in your job description

With so many options available to them, qualified candidates will only spend time on job posts that provide clarity about the responsibilities and expectations of a vacancy. Your applicant tracking software will reveal which adverts have attracted the highest number of qualified candidates.. Provide clarity on performance objectives, salary expectations including on-target earnings and additional benefits such as company car, flexible working and healthcare. Modern recruiting software also enables candidates to assess their suitability for a vacancy with qualifying questions.  Be direct. Talent doesn’t have time to waste.

Tell them about your brand

Why would sought after talent apply to your job posting?  What does it say about your company from a prospective applicant’s view point? Add some colour and excitement to your job post that reiterates a positive culture together with solid information on the job itself.  Again, recruitment analytics provided by your applicant tracking software will reveal which job posts or sources of online recruitment attracted the most qualified candidates to your post. Reiterate a positive first impression with recruiting software which offers an integrated careers site that reflects your corporate image.

Keep your application process simple

Qualified candidates applying to your vacancy from social media and other e-recruitment channels do not expect a complex application process. A ‘one click’ application will encourage the highest number of qualified candidates. Choose recruiting software that allows candidates to apply with their CV or LinkedIn profile or a simple registration if interest in the first instance.

Get mobile

With 50% of Indeed’s traffic arriving via a mobile device, your job post must offer full mobile functionality for hiring managers and job seekers. With mobile web usage soaring among millennials your e-recruitment efforts will fail to attract upcoming professionals if your application process is not mobile optimised.

Google has the final word

Standing out from the crowd only begins with the job post. Engage the attention of candidates in your hiring process by taking a few tips from Google - who receive two million job applications per year - on how to stand out from the crowd:-

  • Don’t compromise : Hire people who can do your job better than you can and focus your efforts on it.
  • Encourage your staff to assist in sourcing talent : Recruiting software helps to support those efforts by easy social sharing of job posts and tagging referred candidates through your applicant tracking system.
  • Share the responsibility of hiring : Successful hiring is collaborative. Involve peers and subordinates and collate notes within your recruiting software to ensure objective hiring. 
  • Give your candidates a reason to work with you : Part of this means creating the perfect candidate experience which frequently starts with your job posting.

Does your talent acquisition strategy enable you to stand out from the crowd? Advorto’s world class recruiting software gives you a head start. Try a three month free trial.  Contact us today.

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