Don't Let Deloitte Kill Your HR Department!

HR guru Laurie Ruettimann’s recent article, Deloitte Wants To Kill Your HR Department raised some serious issues about the perceived lack of innovation in HR today. To avoid death by Deloitte, Ms Ruettimann recommends that employers must copy what they do and 'deliver it flawlessly', making every HR experience, 'efficient, glorious, meaningful'. Either that or block their access to your offices.

What does that mean for your own talent acquisition strategy? 

How can HR offer that sought after 'glorious' experience?

While we might naturally suggest supporting best practice with recruiting software, it isn't the answer if your hiring strategy is awry. Recruiting software will only work if you understand the needs of your organisation and focus on what your talent wants. Once you understand that, talent recruitment systems allow your HR team to focus on creating a more meaningful experience. 

Here are some suggestions to make that change:-

Define your brand values : Understanding your company’s core values and communicating that message through your brand is a starting point. Be consistent in your employer branding with a recruitment management system that presents a personalised, seamless interface with your careers website. It should go without saying by now that your website should be at the very least ‘mobile friendly’ in order to attract passive talent. 

Understand your appeal : places emphasis on - among other criteria - evaluating data and market intelligence from salary surveys and sites like Glassdoor to enable employers to understand their brand appeal. From there companies can fine tune their talent recruitment systems and hiring process to make the experience more ‘meaningful’.

Evaluate your best hires : Successful talent acquisition goes beyond the headline job description or performance objectives. Understand what success looks like in your company.  What are the common traits of your most successful hires? Applicant tracking systems will reveal the source of your talent, whether through e-recruitment or employee referrals, allowing HR to create a more successful talent acquisition strategy.

Prioritise : A recent REC/CIPD/CIPS survey revealed that cost and time to hire preoccupy a number of employers in the recruiting process, while that all-important candidate experience is overlooked. Efficient recruiting software will improve both your cost and time to hire while its automated systems will ensure consistent communication with candidates during the recruitment process.

Engage with talent - consistently : Recruit passive talent by building relationships through your online recruitment channels and tracking through recruiting software. Our previous blog 3 Keys To Building A Talent Community explains how to leverage your recruitment management system to achieve this. Your ability to attract qualified candidates will stagnate if you fail to engage with potential talent.

Review employee referral strategies : In October this year Deloitte’s Josh Bersin forecast a radical change in talent acquisition with ‘social and referral based recruiting’ becoming the norm.  It’s recommended that no less than 40% of your hires should come from employee referral programmes. Effective recruiting software will support existing employee referral strategies, enabling HR to focus on your critical company roles.

Work on employee retention : HR’s role in retaining staff is vital.  Support employee retention by taking your talent development seriously with continuous learning and career development opportunities.  Recruitment management systems with integrated applicant tracking software will track your most successful hires through the recruiting process to on-boarding and beyond.

Understand the benefits of your ATS : For many candidates, applicant tracking systems are seen as a ‘black hole’ in talent acquisition. We would argue that your applicant tracking software is pivotal to the success of achieving a ‘glorious’ HR experience, as it enables employers to track and more importantly engage with candidates in their pipeline.

While we aren’t suggesting that recruiting software is the answer to your talent acquisition woes, if utilised effectively and combined with best HR practice, it will help to fend off the Deloitte ‘wolves’ from your HR department’s door.

Advorto’s world class recruitment software enables your HR team to focus on creating a meaningful HR experience. Find out how. Talk to us today.

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