Authenticity : The Key To Successful Talent Acquisition

Today's disruptive trends in technology mean that the most carefully crafted job posts will fail to attract qualified applicants if online reviews of your company contradict your overall brand message.

CEB’s 2014 Employment Branding Effectiveness Survey revealed that 61% of candidates expressed scepticism about employers’ claims about their culture. Furthermore, Glassdoor’s October 2014 survey suggests that 96% of job seekers want to work for a company that embraces transparency.

In the 'war for talent' it is no longer enough to have flawless hiring solutions in place. The majority of candidates read between 4 to 7 different reviews of your company before forming an opinion about whether you meet their aspirations as an employer.

The single most important factor in a successful talent acquisition strategy today is authenticity.

Authenticity In Action

According to the CEB survey, companies receive higher quality applications when their brand message is effectively managed. The illustrations below demonstrate this point:-

Example one

The founder and CEO of US based credit card processing company Gravity Payments recently raised the minimum wage for all employees to $70k (c£48k) following his review of a study on happiness at work. This generous gesture will transform the lives of many of the company’s employees and will undoubtedly impact its online recruitment efforts and reputation in a highly positive way.

Example two

Following Jeremy Clarkson’s well publicised fracas, Edinburgh police tweeted about the former Top Gear presenter in an attempt to promote their employment brand. After causing its own online ‘fracas’ the tweet was swiftly removed but not before being shared widely across social media with a subsequent impact on the force’s online recruitment success.

Your brand message must be backed up by authentic action to attract the talent your company needs.

7 Steps To Authentic HR

The majority of businesses can’t offer the type of gesture seen at Gravity Payments but an authentic talent acquisition strategy supported by an equally authentic careers site and recruiting software will boost your company’s hiring success.

Align your actions with your claims to create an authentic culture in the following ways:-

Get the brand right : Laurie Ruettimann advises summing up your personal brand in ‘three core words that describe who you are and what you offer’ – then work out how to deliver on them. Your brand message will inform and help to define your overall hiring strategy.

Check your company out online : Find out what is being said about your company across e-recruitment and social media channels. Be prepared to carry out an honest assessment of what you discover. Don't attempt to disguise or delete less than favourable comments. Glassdoor's abovementioned survey showed that candidates expect to see both positive and negative reviews.

Accept constructive criticism from employees : Follow up your external review with a candid, inclusive employee survey. Thank your employees for their opinions publicly and be prepared to address their concerns.

Make brand ambassadors out of your employees : Successful hiring solutions must embrace the notion of your employees as brand ambassadors. Encourage sharing of their experiences of working for your company across social media and e-recruitment channels. Accept the good and the bad – no company is perfect. Ask those same employees to share vacancies and job posts across social networks supported by recruiting software that will track the source of applicants.

Build trust (deliver on your promises) : In today’s consumer savvy market, you must follow up on your promises for your talent acquisition strategy to be successful  Do what you say you are going to do or it will come back to haunt you. With the general election campaign underway, the Liberal Democrats’ broken promises on tuition fees epitomises the far reaching consequences of failed authenticity. If you make a mistake, be prepare to apologise for it and make appropriate changes.

Make your gestures mean something : Our American example demonstrates true authenticity. Closer to home, the CEO of Next, Lord Wolf, has indicated he will share his bonus among staff to raise the minimum hourly rate of shop floor staff to £7.58 per hour. With Lord Wolf’s annual salary hovering around the £4.5m mark, this has understandably been met with some pessimism. The success of your talent acquisition strategy will be influenced by the authenticity (or lack of it) behind your company’s actions.

Leverage the benefits of modern talent recruitment systems : Modern recruiting software will support your efforts to create an authentic brand, not impede them. CEB’s survey highlights the importance of understanding where your most successful hires come from. Recruitment analytics provided by your applicant tracking software will provide the insight your business needs. Take advantage of the best that technology has to offer.

A transparent company culture supported by sophisticated talent recruitment systems will transform your hiring process and attract the qualified candidates you need to achieve your business goals. Advorto’s provides state-of-the-art recruitment software allowing you to focus on what really matters.

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